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Diaper Test: Super Boompa

At long last I’m able to continue our somewhat semi-random pattern of diaper tests after what felt like a never-ending photo safari in my living room (literally hundreds of photos to pick from for upcoming articles). While it’s perhaps nothing earth-shattering, let’s have a look at the Super Boompa.

Super Boompa

The product has been available for like two months only, yet when I peeked at first images of it online, it looked rather familiar. When I finally held it in my hands my suspicions were somewhat confirmed: There’s definitely a diaper factory somewhere in the People’s Republic of China keeping very busy. The overall look and feel is almost identical to the various variations of the MyDiaper (though we only covered a few of them here on this site here and here). Since I haven’t had a look at that other product in a while, this was a chance as good as any to have another spin with it and re-evaluate it.

Super Boompa

Being a graphic designer of sorts I was more than slightly skeptical about the design since in the usual manner of these products it looks slightly unsophisticated and hacked together, but once you actually put on the diaper, it is less obtrusive than it first appears. Still, there’s room for improvement and I’d start with picking different, more harmonious colors and then some… Come to think of it, perhaps someone might tackle the idea of doing a comic-themed diaper and “do it right” for a change?

Things being as they are, the current design has both its Pro and Con. The saturated blue with the white dots is barely noticeable when combined with blue denims *yay*, yet at the same time it constitutes a large surface area with lots of color that can rub off, which of course it does to some extent. In defense, though, it’s nowhere nearly as bad as the first batches of the MyDiaper, so someone took a hint and learned their lesson. Regardless, you may want to set aside a dedicated protective pant that is allowed to get “dirty”. The white one I’m using right now for this shows some interesting magenta-purple-ish hues already.

Super Boompa

In hindsight based on a gut instinct (or pure luck) I got my package in size L, so there aren’t any fit issues. The product still tends to be on the small end of the spectrum with this L actually feeling like the large M sizes you get with some other brands. Of course the same analogy would apply to the size M, which then presumably ends up being a bit too snug for my butt like in the past. ;-)

The absorbent pad appears to be pretty much the same as well. Despite the diaper overall not being the thickest, the volume of liquid it can take in is considerable. I also got the impression that the padding is not as stiff and as compressed as it used to be, being conducive a quicker absorption, which can only be a good thing.

Everything else is as you know it. The extra transparent front panel sticker allows repositioning of your adhesive tapes if you desire or need to do so. It also adds this bit of stiffness that takes a while to get used to when you put on the diaper and may initially make it a bit more difficult.

Super Boompa

Overall this is one of the more tasteful derivations of this particular product and if you’re looking for a bit of variety, this will do nicely. I was also pleasantly surprised by the improvements. They may be minor and merely a byproduct of an optimized production process rather than a conscious thing, but they are no less welcome. Sourcing this product may be a bit difficult and currently I’m only aware that it’s available via our new best friends at Diaper Minister, who also provided the review sample, but you may be able to dig it up at your favorite diaper outlet, after all.

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Support is good, is it not? ;-)

Running this site as a one-man-show is quite an exercise even on the best of days, so I’m welcoming every bit of help and support that I can get. I’m glad to report that I’m now getting exactly that from the nice people at Diaper Minister. No, it’s not raining bucks around here, but not only have they made it possible to have our little giveaway, but they also have provided some more stuff which you will see appear in articles around here soon enough. To return the favor I’ve cobbled together sort of a banner and placed it prominently. I hope it’s as unobtrusive as possible (and doesn’t consume too much bandwidth). While I’m not going to call this a promotional post, I’m sure they won’t mind you stopping by and have a look at their offerings, especially when you’re on the hunt for that special colored diaper that is already sold out elsewhere… ;-)

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Get active and win!

I have to be honest: I’m a bit disappointed with the activity on my survey and to make it a bit easier for you to get over your inner laziness, I’ve decided to offer some incentive and thanks to the cool people at Diaper Minister, I’m actually able to offer you something pretty juicy. See for yourself:

Survey Contest 1/2017

Yes, no sooner did I write a review and then another package finds its way to my humble abode which I can now happily give away. As it is with all things, even such a tiny contest needs its rules, so please read them carefully.

  • Prizes are only available as depicted, in this case 1 pack of ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition in size M. No substitutes, no money. Therefore be sure you actually want the product and are able to use it or know someone who does.
  • In order to win, the survey must be filled out at least once and a valid e-mail address must be provided. Multiple attempts are allowed, but only if you rate a different product each time. Beyond mere statistics, this will not influence your chances to win.
  • A winner will be drawn at random after the closing deadline and will be contacted via the e-mail address provided for shipping details. The candidate will not be mentioned by name unless he wants to. This is 100% anonymous.
  • The current giveaway ends on March 31st, 2017. All results submitted thereafter are not considered for this one, but may be entitled for future contests. If I can dig up enough support, I’m hoping to keep this ongoing for a while and offer new prizes every now and then.
  • The contest is open to everyone, but shipping of the prize is only free if you are an EU resident. If you live outside the EU, you may still receive the goods, but have to pay all shipping, taxes and customs fees yourself, which may not make it worthwhile. Consider that when you join in.

I hope that covers it. I’ve modified the survey form accordingly, so let the games begin and wear yourself out on the chase for that pack of nice printed diapers. ;-) For exact intentions of the survey and understanding the methodology have a look at this article. And now without further hold-ups:

Take the Absorption Ratings Survey

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Diaper Test: ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition

We reviewed the ABU PreSchool as the last product before my extended hiatus, so it seems fitting that we shall pick up where we left off, if only to start slowly into the year. Yes, it’s time to talk ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition. I hinted at this already in the article back then and now I got my hands on the good stuff.

ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition

To make it easy enough to distinguish the two products, the people at ABU have gone through some trouble and designed a new label sticker on the outside, but the patterns on the diapers themselves are pretty much the same as on the breathable product version. The distribution of the designs per package is again semi-random and this time around I ended up with three of the wheel transportation motives as depicted in the images throughout this article.

ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition

In my original article I had hoped that those infantilistic images would appear more colorful on white foil, but as it turns out they do not. As a matter of fact if it wasn’t for some minor differences you notice from up close, you can barely distinguish the two items even from a short distance. Wanna take a stab at guessing which is which? Ready! Set! Go…!

ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition

Did you figure it out? Correct! The breathable one is on the right, the foil on the left. Perhaps the most telling giveaway is the wavy, shrivelled wet skin kind of pattern on the front sticker. The foil version is much smoother since obviously the materials don’t stretch at different rates, which usually causes such patterns. Funny enough you can’t really pin this down to the color of the foil, since it looks oddly dull and the slightly gilded color of the absorbent pad shines through. Further evidence of this can be seen in a picture of the whole shebang unfolded.

ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition

I did this to check the parameters of the product against other ABU diapers and the measurements match their other products in every way. One thing that doesn’t match is the weight and that’s true for both PreSchool versions. They are pretty exactly one fifth lighter (about 160 g vs. 200 g like e.g. a Little Pawz) and as much as I would want to write this off as insignificant, it isn’t really. You just can feel that this particular product must come off some different production line and you will also notice during its practical use. It holds ever so slightly less liquid. Without trying to play Sherlock, this can even be guessed from the placement of the adhesive tapes and their slightly different tone of blue (my crooked attempts at color correcting my cheap camera’s skewed colors notwithstanding). Something is definitely going on here. ;-)

ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition

While I choose to remain so wonderfully neutral in that foil vs. breathable debate, I must say that the foil version is at least an improvement in terms of wearing comfort because it doesn’t stretch as much. Still, I’m slightly baffled by the reduced absorbency and I sure hope it’s not something they will adopt for their other products. Those few extra grams of pulp and super absorber do seem to make quite a difference and I would hate for such a slightly pricey product to lose its edge in terms of quality and offering something over other products.

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This is not News! ;-)

Hello munchkins, this is just a quick heads-up in case you are wondering why it’s so quiet around here. There are basically three main reasons for this.

One, some unexpected mail came in early this month and I literally spent several hours each day for several days with long-ish write-ups on some matters regarding my status as a handicapped/ disabled/ impaired person and the legalese that comes with it when trying to work your way through “the system” and obtain social benefits.

Two, the aftermath of my father’s passing is still taking its toll and within what we can do, we are supporting my mother. Since she’s still working, yet only a few months away from retirement, things are a bit more complicated and there’s quite some paperwork to take care of. Sometimes you fill out the same papers twice in a short time because something changed as she approaches her time as a pensioner. The occasional household chores and of course just keeping her company and filling in at social gatherings also keep me away from the computer.

Three, and that’s probably the most important part to you, things still haven’t fallen into place regarding some articles I have planned and the materials involved. I’ve been writing lots of mails and bugging people, but alas, some stuff simply hasn’t arrived. Things are looking much better now, though, and I’m hoping that with the beginning of February I can start putting up some new goodies here on the site.

In the meantime you can of course help things along by sending in vouchers for Amazon or your favorite online (incontinence) shops, so I can buy cool things and forge my experiences into articles. Even if you don’t feel like supporting my excentric hobby financially, you can kill some time and provide valuable input by filling out my latest survey.

Diaper Secrets: How strong are you?

So how have you been? It’s been a few weeks now since my last post and as promised, I used the free time to work on new stuff for this site. No, no new product reviews yet since I’m still waiting for a few things to work out and some people to send in nice things. ;-) Therefore instead of being busy with touching up photos I have spent quite some time with other things. Some of it is still a continuous “work in progress” and far from finished, some other bits a bit closer to being finalised and a few things are already done.

One of those is another spin on the eternally popular subject of misaligned absorption/ absorbency ratings for incontinence products. As our little survey last year showed nicely, most people’s perception of this factor is considerably below what manufacturers and vendors want to have you believe with all their fancy product names and rating systems. I’m also mentioning this a lot in my articles, so it seemed only logical to look into this again in more detail and with a slightly different angle.

Wherever possible I like to take a “lead by example” approach and therefore I have poured and moulded my own ratings into some fancy charts. The battle with Excel‘s limitations was a tough one and the final product has a few glitches (placing things exactly to line up is a painful exercise and then it still renders overlapping lines incorrectly for instance), but I hope it didn’t turn out all that bad. Here’s a little preview and you can download the full 9 page PDF below.

Absorption Ratings

Overview of normalized Absorption Ratings (PDF)

What are you actually looking at? Since it’s infinitely difficult to compare the rather arbitrary vendor ratings, I tried to imagine a “neutral” scale from 0 to 15 and cunningly called it the M-Scale as in Mylenium Scale. Clever, aren’t I? ;-) On this scale I placed the products according to their absorption. This is solely based on my experience of regularly using some of these products as well as of course wearing them for them for my tests.

I tried to be realistic about it and reserved the highest ratings only for really exclusive products like the old Comficare. Most other products will be lower, with other high absorbency products usually coming in somewhere between 10 and 13. On the other end of the spectrum I would consider any product that comes in below 5 to be pretty bad, but as you know from reading the articles, I prefer a certain minimum thickness to begin with. Naturally my  ratings are also biased towards this then.

Rather than having me tell you which products are the most absorbent ones you might have a different opinion on the matter and here’s your chance to have your say. The other part of this complex undertaking is indeed a survey to go with my own tables. Just use this link or the same one in the sidebar menu:

Survey for Absorption Ratings

As per what I wrote before – this is a subjective rating system, not something that can be measured exactly. There are a few downsides like potentially skewed results, but advantages as well. One of those advantages is that you can be very direct and don’t have to think too much about technical parameters like the actual size. I’m collecting this info of course to have a frame of reference, but it should not influence your decision too much on what values to input. On the other hand you should be realistic about it. A diaper that would score a 20 on this scale may only exist in your dream and the survey caps off at a value of 15, anyway.

If you use multiple products, multiple sizes or multiple flavors, you have to run the survey as many times. This is a technical thing and unlike in the diaper comfort survey I have opted to make things more straightforward by not using complex matrices and tables and keep things simple with a bunch of pop-ups and input fields. You don’t even have to do it all at once and can revisit this as often as you like. For everything else make good use of the comment field on the survey, leave a comment on this post or get in touch on Facebook (for which I’ve also added a fancy button in the sidebar now). Have fun with this and hope it’s a good start into the new year…

Silent Night, holy Night…

Since I haven’t lined up any new articles, it’s only proper that I shall make this official and tell you that I’m going to take it easy for the next few weeks just like everyone else. ;-) That doesn’t mean that I’ll be lazy and stay in bed all day, it just means that there won’t be your (almost) weekly review of some incontinence product. Behind the scenes I’m of course working on stuff and try to get things organized, but as it is, some things didn’t pan out in the way I had hoped plus some personal stuff that needed to be taken care of creeped in. That’s why now I’m stuck with a pile of things I never got around to and all those delays. Regardless, I’m pulling strings and hope to bring you as much of the good stuff next year as I did this year. So bear with me and stay tuned while you have yourself a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year! :-)

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