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Electrically stimulated

The thing about my incontinence is of course that it doesn’t just exist and goes unbattled, but that my docs and I try to do something about it – as it is, with limited success, though. In addition to weird exercises to strengthen my muscles (as in “Imagine you were actually sucking something in through your anus instead of pressing out.”) another weapon of choice is electro stimulation. I thought I share my thoughts on this since I only have the device on loan and need to return it next week (only the actual trigger device, the rest I can keep as mementos since they are one-time use for obvious hygienic reasons).

Electro Plug

Not a stranger to some more off-beat forms of sexual play I remembered it all too well and at the same time remembered how little I like this stuff, though the devices they sell on adult mail order shops look a bit different than this. Yes, it’s a mini-dildo/ butt plug that you grease with a special electrolyte gel and shove up your rectum and after starting up the program and dialing in a strength setting it fires those little impulses that are supposed to make your muscles contract. I say “supposed to” because in my opinion it doesn’t work too well.

First, it doesn’t fit too well. I find it’s actually way to skinny to remain in position. You only need to make an inadvertent tiny move and it will slide around, lubricated by the gel. Funnily the stuff they sell in sex stores is much better adapted to your anatomy. Second, I never seemed to find the right setting. You’d be surprised how much of a difference one mili-Ampére (mA) can make in such a sensitive spot. Third, I actually couldn’t really use it half the time. On some days when I was leaking a lot and my backdoor was already hyper-sensitive, it literally felt like there was a porcupine trying to crawl up my butt with a stingy, sharp pain. On other days there was no noticeable response at all even if I cranked up the electricity beyond my usual setting. And on a “normal” day I ended up realizing, that only one side of my muscle did respond, meaning that the nerve damage on the other side prevented a proper muscular contraction. My doctor isn’t going to like these news.

So in summary this was a failed experiment that didn’t do much for me and only cost my health insurance’s money…


One comment on “Electrically stimulated

  1. First off, I tip my hat off to you for sharing your journey. This is something that most people would share with a friend, far less with a planet of strangers. Second, the fact that you are facing this head on is really commendable. I really admire your courage through what I can only think of as a nightmare. I really hope that you do find a remedy for your stuff. Keep fighting the brave fight.


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