Vaccination saves your Life!

We have a bit of a debate going on here in Germany regarding passing legislation to enforce vaccination of children. The fact is that last week a child died of Measles in Berlin, which contradicts plans to exterminate that disease until this very year. At least for a Western country with a highly developed (and expensive) medical system such as ours this is pretty unusual and now everyone shifts the blame around.

Personally I’m definitely pro vaccination, as it really does more good than harm. Yes, there is that chance that your child may get an encephalitis, but that’s like one out of a million whereas only one contagious child in a kindergarten can do much more damage. You also have to think about the long-term repercussions like non-immunized people suffering symptoms like swollen joints and rheumatic problems, cardiac inflammations or even worse when encountering these diseases unprepared during adolescence or adulthood. That being so, I find it quite concerning that these days parents seem more worried about their children running a fever for a few days or being cranky and crying from the needle sting. You know, in the 1960s the prospect of exterminating these diseases made everyone quite euphoric and yet here we are having to remind everyone about it…

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