Diaper Dumping

On the dashboard of the German version of this blog there lingers an interesting question: How do I get rid of my filled (used) and wet diapers? I was planning on debating the finer points of this at a later point, but let me just jump ahead here shortly and quickly. The best way to get rid of your diapers in most cases is to put them in the normal household trash. Unless you live in an area where they have special services and regulations and a recycling system that would take care of shredding them and turning them into soil or bio gas (as hinted in my initial article), sending them through the furnace is the most effective and efficient approach. Put them in a suitable plastic bag and seal it up and at home have a dedicated airtight trash bin to store them in until the garbage truck stops by. The same is true when you’re on the road – in addition to a spare diaper I always carry small 10 liter trash bags with me so if the need arises I can dispose of my used nappy even on a public toilet or similar without anyone going *eeek*.

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