Diaper Test: Attends Slip Regular

While I’m busy working on lots of other stuff for this site, but these things taking considerable time to prepare inbetween my busy medical schedule and thus nothing being quite ready, I thought it would be a good starting point to interrupt the regular programming and use what I already have at hand for a product review. After all, I saw a few questions about this on the dashboard and while I’m not offering the specific product searched for, the longterm plan is of course exactly that – to build a comprehensive archive of such reviews to help people find their way through the jungle of 500+ diaper brands and models. So we might as well get started now.

Under examination: Attends Slip Regular

Attends Slip Regular

This particular product is currently my “everyday” protection that I’m wearing when doing my routine stuff like visiting my doctor here in our small town or the neighboring cities, doing my shopping and household chores. On average I’m wearing them for about 4 to 6 hours, which qualifies as a predictable timeframe during which I do not need to change them until I’m home again.

Attends Slip Regular

As you may remember from the previous article in my diaper series, I wear a size M. With the flaps being only 60 cm/ 23.6 ” wide, the Attends Slip Regular is definitely on the smaller end of the spectrum. When you do the math (60 cm two times, subtract a few centimeters for overlap), the promised maximum circumference of 110 cm seems like pushing it. This is really more for people that like me are in the 90 cm to 100 cm range. It works wonderfully for me since it means that it fits tightly without too much extra stuff dangling around. Since this is a “breathable” product with a paper surface and respective low adhesion tapes, it is easy to adapt to the specifics of your body and can be re-fastened a number of times.

Attends Slip Regular

The padding is reasonably wide for a “normal” diaper, but still subtle enough to not make your pants explode. One of the good things about Attends’ absorbent pads is that they are very predictable in their behavior and do not swell infinitely even when wet, meaning that near the end of the usage cycle, despite being perhaps double as thick from when you put them on, they retain a normal shape and proportions. This makes them well-suited for wearing them under clothes. One of the odd things on the other hand is that there is a distinct jump in absorbency between a level 9 and a level 10 pad and you already notice it when you put them on. A level 10 package just feels different. Given, that they are so close to each other one wouldn’t expect such a significant result, but I’m not complaining.

Attends Slip RegularAttends Slip Regular

As you may gather from the two images above, this diaper is more or less symmetrical in the back and front areas. This could be a disadvantage if your butt is more voluminous than mine. In that case the diaper would sit too low and not cover everything up to your lower back. Otherwise there are few issues with this product, though admittedly they look and feel very paper-y when you first see them and one tends to be skeptical. These fears can be alleviated easily as in fact I find that they are one of the few breathable diapers that don’t suffer from excessive surface wetting/ condensation, so you can wear them plainly without extra protective wrapping. Their lightweight nature also makes them pleasant to wear and their price is reasonable. In summary I’d say this is actually an okay product and it’s an good alternative even for reasonably heavy urine incontinence, if you don’t want to use the more expensive and even thicker “super plus” or similar products.

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