Diaper Test: Molicare Super Plus

Building my little “pampers empire” it’s time for another product review, so without further ado, let’s have a look.

Under examination: Molicare Super Plus

Molicare Super Plus

I’m using this diaper during the night time, but also occasionally during the day when I’m in the mood for something a little more cosy on days when my health is so bad, I’m looking for this “I need a hug now.” kind of self-pampering. This is due to the fact that the product is designed for heavy incontinence and thus has a large and soft pad. It also has a foil surface, which allows to wear it without extra protection/ fixation if you so desire. The foil is also relatively soft, so it doesn’t make a lot of rustle under your jeans.

Size-wise it feels larger than a regular size M, which is complimented by the flaps and wings being quite high/ long, especially in the back. That’s not unexpected for a heavy incontinence diaper and further contributes to this feeling of convenience because you can pull it up quite high. The same is true for the large  seam areas that softly wrap around the legs. On the other hand this makes it a bit more difficult to put on the diaper when standing because you need to spread out everything and pull it into place. It’s easier to get it right when you are lying on your bed.

Molicare Super Plus

Another disadvantage are the adhesive tapes. They are extremely sticky, so often inadvertently they will glue to the wings before you have positioned them right. In combination with the thin foil this means that you can quickly end up tearing it. Therefore it also makes it impossible to reposition the tapes as you put on your nappy. You quite literally have to get it right from the start or directly ignore the blue base stickers and use the actual strips that are meant for opening the diaper when needed. As a result it may end up looking quite crooked. That’s definitely an area that could use some improvement.

Molicare Super PlusMolicare Super Plus

The other area is the overall absorbency. While luckily I’m more looking to protect the rear and can control my urine, it always seems to me that when you do pee in the diaper (because you’re too lazy to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night ;-) ) you always end up feeling “If it would take just that much more.”. In the morning it can be quite soggy and require an almost immediate change, which makes it hard for me to believe someone with a genuine urine incontinence could get through the night with an additional change, especially if you want to “sleep in” the next morning.

So overall, while it is a reasonably good product, it is not without flaws, which is a bit odd, considering that it’s been around the block for quite some time. Mainly the difficulties in putting it on due to the issues with the tapes vs. the foil surface can be frustrating. Other diapers are more forgiving.

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