Diaper Test: Confidence Dry 24/7

There are things that you stumble upon on the web regularly and one of those was this mysterious perfectly white unlabeled diaper you see on certain Tumblr blogs. You want to at least try it once and in an odd sense get obsessive about it. Then you try to find out what it is and almost immediately end up frustrated, realizing that it’s some product only sold in the US and elsewhere, just not here in Germany. Luckily this changed earlier this year, when SaveExpress started importing them. With one of my regular orders I got some samples and it’s time to have a look.

Confidence Dry 24/7

The first thing you’ll notice is that this is an expensive product. Even on the manufacturer’s web site they sell it for about 40 USD a pack with 18 pieces and you can imagine what this translates to in Euros after import fees and taxes. The pertinent question therefore is:  Is this steep price is justified? That’s not easy to answer, even after you run all the facts through your mind.

Confidence Dry 24/7

It begins with first holding the folded fresh diaper in your hand. Right away you begin to feel that it has an air of being a luxurious product. The foil feels smooth and soft and it’s an almost sensual experience. This impression continues once you unfold it. The insides feel equally smooth and you can see that someone has taken care to make it a quality product. There are no loose threads, no crooked seams, the shape die cutting is almost perfect and the absorbent pad actually a proper fleece, not just a mat of cellulose flakes. It’s easily imaginable that quality assurance alone and kicking out bad examples from the production line can make it more expensive.

Once you put it on, it quite literally feels like silk on your bum, almost like normal underwear. This is impressive and a feat not achieved by any other product I have tested so far. As an American product, the size is larger than your average European one. My usual size M definitely feels considerably larger. For me that’s good, since I’m not that small and my belly can always use the extra room, but for others it could make sense to use a size smaller even. As is evident in the picture, the front and back flaps are different height, with the back being larger, so you get a nice wrap around your butt and it sits high on your waist line, ensuring tight skin contact and sealing in everything. This is further helped by the ruffles in the front and back that keep everything taught. The leg seams are also rather wide, providing a good seal without tending to roll up and cause striations.

Confidence Dry 24/7Confidence Dry 24/7

Sounds all too perfect? Of course there are a few things that could be better. The first obvious point is the absorbency. While it’s on the upper end of the spectrum no doubt, it’s not the ultimate product in that regard. The overall absorption sounds nice on paper, but I found it impossible to actually go that far. Most notably the pad does not transport liquids as evenly as would be desirable. Therefore large areas remain dry and unused, while others are swelling over and you have to change the diaper. This makes it also difficult to judge how full it actually is combined with the silky surface cheating your butt sensors (though when wearing it more often, I would probably get a feel for that, too). The other point are the adhesive tapes. They could definitely be a bit stronger. I had the lower ones around my legs pop open a number of times when the diaper is put freshly on and this only seems to stop once it has warmed up and the glue on the tapes gets more sticky to withstand the forces.

Overall, despite my niggles, this is an excellent product. I’m just not sure if it’s worth 2 Euros per usage beyond the self-pampering “when you go out and want to feel special on Sunday”, though. At half the price it would be more viable to wear it more often.

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