Diaper Test: Attends Briefs Waistband

Similar to the previous article, this is an imported product that simply piqued my interest when I saw a few photos of it on Tumblr and elsewhere. So it was once SaveExpress to the rescue. Let me preface this by saying that this product seems to be no longer produced, so this may not at all be relevant and my review outdated, but here goes, anyway.

The interesting part that attracted me are pretty apparently the two times three tapes (six) as opposed to the usual only two per side, which had me wondering what the reason might be. As it turned out, it actually has some very practical use. The advantage I found it that it nicely prevents the leg parts from sliding upwards since not only another tape is already there but also the overall fit is very tight, reducing any movement. Actually an interesting concept and it makes it feel like real boxer/ hipster briefs, though it complicates putting on the diaper.

Attends Slip Waistband Style

Otherwise this is a pretty standard product and a somewhat rudimentary one at that. What had me flabbergasted was the lack of the inner leak side guards. It may not seem much, but these contribute considerably to directing the flow even with urinal incontinence and of course are critical to keep things inside with fecal incontinence. I therefore would consider this a pretty inexcusable omission.

Attends Slip Waistband StyleAttends Slip Waistband Style

The rest is pretty much in line with what you would expect. The absorbency matches reasonably well with a level 8 Attends Slip Regular, though in fairness it’s a bit difficult to gauge, since a) it uses a different scale with up to 15 points for rating severity of your incontinence and b) it’s simply a completely different product, so I had to rely on my own “butt sensors” for that assessment. It also has a foil outer surface in contrast to the others’  breathable surface, which always skews perception since it simply feels differently.

As indicated, the fit for me is just fine and very comfortable, though like all Attends products it falls a bit on the small side compared to a regular size M. The front and back are symmetrical, so I’m not sure if it would be the best choice when you need rearward protection, but it has at least ruffled zones to keep everything tight around the waist.

As whole, this is not the best, but also not the worst product you could buy. I guess this could be one of those “budget secrets” that everyone is just fine with as long as the price is right (and they added side guards). Make it a few pennies too expensive and everyone uses something else, keep it reasonable and people will be happy. I’m still intrigued by the triple tapes and it would be interesting to see some other company would pick up the idea. At least I might be interested in it. However, as I wrote in the introduction, all of this may be moot, after all…

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