Diaper Test: Spoiled by Rearz

How infectious following Tumblr blogs can be, not least of all becomes evident when you see those colorfully printed Adult Baby fetish diapers and find yourself thinking “Me wants!”. The little toddler in me definitely does, but even when taking a more neutral academic approach, there is some good argument here: Where does it say, that incontinence products for grown-ups always have to be so boringly medical white? It’s funny that you can’t even differentiate some products once you have taken them out of the plastic wrapper and I’m inclined to think that having some occasional colorful prints wouldn’t hurt, at least for people like me that try to look good in their “underwear” even if it’s mostly to satisfy your own ego when posing in front of the mirror. ;-)

One of those products is Spoiled by Rearz and just like so many times, we have to thank SaveExpress for bringing it to our local German market via the powers of international container logistics and imported goods. As with all these things, the price is steep, so unless you are filthy rich, this is not something to wear every day at over 2 Euros a pop. That being the case, the question becomes if at least it is good?! While I’m generally a bit skeptical of these special products as for all intents and purposes they never have been designed for “serious” use nor may have sufficiently been tested, given the limited market, but to my surprise this particular diaper holds up really well.

Spoiled by Rearz

When holding it in your hand it already feels very solid and reasonably “weighty”, indicating that it has lots of absorbent material. I’m not sure if it will take the promised about 4.5 litres (which translates to roughly 2 litres effective use; more on the weird logic of this perhaps in a dedicated article at a later time), but it is very thirsty and holds a lot while feeling very comfortable and “dry” during all the time. This is also helped by the padding being very generously large (as in really covering your crotch and butt all the way instead of just in the middle). You realyl feel safe with it.

Spoiled by Rearz

Similar to the previously discussed Dry 24/7, the size is above an average (European) M and in fact I’d say even more so this time. Probably it’s actually halfway between M and L. It feels very roomy, while still offering a perfect fit on my body. I’d even dare say the shape is as perfect as it gets for me. I only need to find a “sugar daddy” to sponsor mass shipments so I could wear them all the time. ;-) The fit is really excellent. As you may already have guessed from the photo, the closing tapes are very wide and also very strong. This means you can really tighten them up for a perfect fit without worrying that they may get loose. Since they are placed on an extra strong foil area in the front they can be re-positioned if needed. There’s also the ruffled zones on the front and back that support keeping everything taught.

Spoiled by Rearz

As you already may have gathered, I’m pretty enthusiastic about this one and really can’t find much to criticize. As a graphic designer, I’d probably have chosen different colors and of course there’s other ways to create more interesting footprint designs, but that’s minor. Likewise, if this were a strictly medical product, wetness indicator strips would be good. If you want to try the good quality, but shun away from the color you can also buy the identical Inspire version of this product in plain white.

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