Diaper Test: Tena Flex

Continuing our summer-y diaper reviews it’s time to have a look at another flex type product, this time Tena Flex.

Tena Flex

As a matter of fact this particular product is one of the reasons for my personal dislike of these thingies. I had a sample back then when I knew much less about that whole diaper stuff and dipping in blindly, of course I did everything wrong one possibly could with this.

The overall sticking points remain – it’s for people “with a figure”, which makes it difficult to wear if you don’t have a flat tummy or a trained abs. With the Tena this issue is even more severe, since the belt is very thin/ small. Other products have a width about 8 to 10 centimeters, this one feels like 4 or 5 centimeters only. This may be exaggerated, but to me it feels definitely thinner and a lot less comfortable. As a result it is even more likely to move out of position or being a victim to the forces of your body movement. The smallness of the belt also makes placement of the velcro fixation even more tricky, which really makes you wonder how people with disabilities and coordination problems are ever supposed to get it sitting right.

Tena Flex

Another real issue is how the belt is actually stuck to the back part of the diaper. That’s common to all these products, but in this case it is extremely “baked in” and comes off only very reluctantly. Again a problem for people with clumsy fingers and it inherently carries the risk of damaging the pad or other parts of the inside inadvertently.

On the good side you have to say that it’s still a Tena, meaning they probably have the best overall absorption pads in the industry. Even the lowest Plus level is quite absorbent and Super and Maxi can really hold a lot – that is in relation to the pad’s thickness and shape and of course thinking of a “normal” daytime diaper, not an extra longtime use/ heavy duty product like a Comficare. Even when full, the pad is not swelling infinitely and the overall shape of their products tends to be on the slim, but still regular fit side, making them well suitable for wearing them under your clothes.

Tena Flex

The asymmetrical front and back should help with the fit, but as is evident from the pictures, the overall shape is very narrow, so you don’t get much wrapping around your bum. In a pinch and as an alternative during hot summers it will do, but for fecal incontinence it’s not an optimum choice, regardless.

All things considered, this is a quite mixed bag. Many of the hypothetically good things don’t really play out. I would put this product strictly into the urine incontinence only category and in light of the awkward handling you better really be one of those trained/ slim people that don’t suffer from the fit problems.

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