Your Rectum is a Temple of Lust

A young man, slightly insecure about his sexual identity/ preference, asked this question on a forum, so I’m just throwing my thoughts on the subject out there. The pertinent question was:

Am I bisexual (or gay) if I like having stuff in my behind?

The clear and simple answer is: No! Of course as an openly gay man I know how it is to have “something up your ass” in a quite literal sense, but aside from being a common sexual practice among homosexual men, there is more to it.

Your rectum and pelvic floor in fact a very sensitive areas plastered with lots of nerve endings and blood vessels (and some of them failing is part of my incontinence problems), so it’s only natural they can be easily stimulated. In addition, for us males there is of course that little thing called the prostate that can equally be stimulated quite easily.

In turn this means whenever you touch those areas, you may experience all sorts of sensations, which can ultimately also get you sexually aroused. The determining stimulus is the actual pressure on specific nerves, blod vessels and glands that triggers tingling and arousal or in quite simple terms changes the blood circulation and muscle tension. As a secondary point there is this simple feeling of “being full” and how your tissues respond to it be relaxing or contracting, depending on what you actually do. This sensation can extend throughout your entire abdomen and colon.

Based on that, can it be wrong to include these regions on your trip to planet Orgasmia? Absolutely not! Just because you are not using your anterior hole for what it was designed for doesn’t make you strange nor does getting enjoyment out of it make you a bi- or homosexual. It just amplifies the normal sexual experience and it’s perfectly natural – some people enjoy it, others wouldn’t even dream of it. The technical details of what to use and how to do it are another matter, but that’s a topic for some other time.

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