Diaper Test: IndaSlip Maxi

After finishing off our little run of one of the big players with the Attends products, it’s now time to broaden our horizon and look at a few lesser known ones. Many of those have limited distribution channels here in Germany, others are generic products that are sold under different brand names in different countries and then there’s the kind of limited run production for direct distribution by some vendors only. Today I’ve picked a product that could deserve a little more attention because it’s actually quite good – the IndaSlip Maxi.

IndaSlip Maxi

Indas is a Spanish manufacturer and this diaper is from their Premium product line. They also have a Basic series, but I haven’t checked it out yet. The first thing you will notice is the scent those diapers have. At first I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but of course it’s that typical Aloe vera smell. The products are impregnated with it to make them more skin friendly. Arguably this is more of a marketing thing, though, as I you are going to need a lot more of this stuff to really do any good for your skin. Perhaps it helps some Spanish agricultural facility that grows these plants in the hot sun of Spain. It’s a nice touch, regardless, and differentiates the product from others.

IndaSlip Maxi

As a hybrid product, this nappy has breathable wings, but also a foil centerpiece for the outer backing. In my opinion that’s probably the best combination of best of both worlds and this product does it well. The cloth-like parts are tough enough to not rip and the foil part is stable enough to hold its form without being overly stiff. The overall shape and fit is quite good for me and the size is a bit larger than your average size M (not as distinctly larger as a Rearz or Dry 27/4, though). Having an extra two centimeters in the right places can greatly improve wearing comfort at times.

IndaSlip Maxi

The absorbent pad is relatively thin, but can take in more liquid than it may look. It easily holds up to an equivalent of an Attends level 9 or 10 even. This qualifies the product ideal for wearing under clothes without too much bulging. Of particular note is also the additional “ribbing” you can kinda see on the photos. These compressed areas stabilize the padding and prevent it from falling apart. One of the less endearing factors with many pads even from big companies is their tendency to form clumps after a while in other areas not leaving any of the fluff pulp, so there are inevitable “diaper malfunctions”, if you get my meaning. Those little extra ribs really help to keep things together.

For a Premium product, the wetness indicators and ruffles/ strengthening strips need no mention and overall it’s nice to have such a well-balanced product. The only real issue are as usual the adhesive tapes that make repositioning difficult, if you don’t get things right the first time, because they damage the foil. And of course distribution needs to improve so it becomes a real alternative to regional brands, including potential price reductions based on larger quantities being sold…

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