Diaper Test: MyDiaper Night

In my exploration of new diaper products I certainly don’t shy away from trying out even more off-mainstream products. Having that childish streak myself, I’m also not afraid to get dirty with “targeted demographic” products, meaning nappies for adult baby players and the like. That plus my general opinion about the lack of colorfulness on this specific kind of underwear (those nice dark blue ABU Space or the new Rearz Safari definitely are up my alley, if you care to send in a free container full of them… ;-) ) of course make this one an ideal candidate, so without further delay let’s have a look at the MyDiaper Night.

MyDiaper Night

Good news first: For those afraid of getting caught enjoying their diaper wearing too much and worrying about their reputation, the product luckily also comes in an unprinted flavor as evidenced in the picture. For this article I chose of course the colored version to make it stand out a bit from the usual white. The diapers are available in sizes M and L and are distributed by SaveExpress here in Germany, who have them manufactured in some factory somewhere on this planet. You may need to do a little digging to find a local reseller near you.

MyDiaper Night

Regardless of my enjoyment of colorful prints, as a graphic designer myself I can’t go without a few words on the design. It’s actually rather uninspired in that it uses some free (?) or at least cheap stock art elements randomly scaled and scattered everywhere. The resulting varying stroke widths make me cringe. It no doubt sounds pompous, but it’s a typical case of “You just could have asked me!” (or any of the thousands of great artists on sites like Deviant Art and elsewhere). I have tons of sketches floating around and gladly would have turned some of them into print-ready files for a years worth of diapers. ;-) In the end, this reeks like a cheap & dirty intern job at some graphics agency and wastes a lot of potential. If you get my drift: If you go through the trouble of having your own diaper produced, why not go the full mile? At the same time it’s not as bad as it may sound, though. It’s more of a feeling that something is missing or not right, than a genuine problem.

MyDiaper Night

When it comes to those specialty products I’m always extremely cautious when I try them on the first time, due to their focus not necessarily being in line with what you would expect from your daily diaper and possibly other aspects having been prioritized. Thankfully this one doesn’t slip up and is actually a very solid product.

The overall shape reminds me of the Attends Briefs Waistband Style, meaning it is a bit more square-y/ box-y than your usual diaper. I liked the resulting tight fit back then and I still do. It also immediately eliminated any fear of leakage, as, for lack of a different word for it, the fit is airtight. This is even more so when you consider that the product is a bit undersized and for that reason already sits very snug. It’s not as drastic a difference as with Comficare & Crinklz, but if a regular size M is already  a bit on the petit side for you, definitely at least try the L. For me both sizes work well. Experimentation in that department is also supported by the extra glossy foil on the front as well as the base foil also being very robust, so getting those tapes on and off until they fit right is easy.

What finally convinced me of the quality is the excellent pad. While I’m not too sure that it actually holds 4000 ml according to ISO (which should translate to something like 2500 ml of effective use), it still holds a lot. So much in fact that I wore one of these diapers half a day and if things wouldn’t have gotten a little inconvenient due to the moisture, I’m sure it could have lasted even a bit longer. Unlike some other products the pad doesn’t even become inconvenient since it does not get harder, but more soft. The one caveat with this is that it also becomes very puffy, so after a while your pants will feel a lot tighter than when you put them on in the morning.

MyDiaper Night

So at the end of the day, what’s the verdict? Strangely enough, it’s one more case of where a (seemingly) small vendor gets many things right that big manufacturers have sacrificed in their craze for being all too cost-efficient and getting their slice of the medical markets. This gets even weirder when you consider the extremely reasonable (read: low) price. About 1 Euro a pop in a pack of 10 isn’t too far removed from the 80 Euro Cents other quality brand products cost you per piece. For that alone this gets a big thumbs up! There’s really not much you can do wrong wit this one, assuming it actually fits your body.

As I leave you, one final tip for the road: Set aside a specific plastic pant or cloth cover when wearing the product. The near-solid grid/ plaid print on the sides will definitely rub off and you don’t want to ruin your favorite protective underwear with color stains. The technical reason for this is, that unless you fry such stuff for long durations under UV or thermal dryers to cure and “burn in” the printing inks (which, naturally, manufacturers can’t always do to meet their hourly quota), there will always be a bit of excess ink that hasn’t fully settled and is prone to going where it is least wanted…

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