Something is coming in 2016…

…and I suppose many people are both excited as well as a bit skeptical at the same time. At long last it seems the successor to the immensely popular Comficare, the BetterDry is finally on its way, if only with muches, muches delay. After the announcement in July, which itself was only a late and reluctant response to growing doubts about product availability, it seems production is beginning shortly, after all. Overall this will make almost a year since first hints of the new product appeared and I’m sure things were developing behind the scenes already for much longer. Funny that they released that info the day I turned in to the hospital, so it’s probably old news for many of you. I’ve included the info graphics from their web site for more details.

Small addendum by request: Of course the whole BetterDry renaming also boils down to trademark issues and having it produced in Europe comes down to rising manufacturing cost in China no longer making it feasible as explained in the linked video.


BetterDry Overview ©Thrust Vector Ltd.


BetterDry Specs ©Thrust Vector Ltd.

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