Diaper Test: Forma-Care X-Plus

Another week, another diaper review, one might say. The influx of products I haven’t tested yet, old and new, never seems to end, but aside from the complicated photo touch-ups due to my crappy camera (if enough people care to send enough Amazon vouchers for Christmas, I might actually get a shiny DSLR camera one of these days *g*), I still enjoy it enough to keep slogging on. So let’s have it! This time on the menu: the Forma-Care X-Plus.

Forma-Care X-Plus

Similar to last week’s Abri-Form, this, by its very nature, is a bit of a product from another era. A good friend of mine who is suffering from Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI, brittle bone disease) is wearing them all the time in both the daytime and the depicted nighttime variants. I can’t quite remember what drove me to order a couple of packs, but it must have been during my early experimental phase after having a handful of samples from SaveExpress.

Forma-Care X-Plus

Even with just a fleeting glance at the product it’s apparent that it is trimmed down to the bare necessities and in a way rudimentary, hearkening back to its legacy. There’s not a single bit of printing, no wetness indicators and even the tapes somehow look out of place. This impression continues when you look at the inside – the padding seems strangely yellow-ish and a bit coarse. Looks can be deceiving, though, so let’s evaluate how it actually holds up.

Forma-Care X-Plus

The seeming roughness of the pad is absolutely not an issue. My friend wouldn’t have been wearing this product for years, if he got rashes from it, would he? Once you put the diaper on it feels as smooth as any other, so the misleading perception is probably a trick of the light due to the fiber structure and less bleaching on the pulp. *phew*

That being said, we can focus on the positive aspects which include – you guessed it – my beloved large sideways extensions. They are not even rounded, but really quite rectangular. Therefore it follows that the product is very square-y and thus not for everyone. You can really look like a Lego figure around the hip. Having been bestowed with very forgiving contours in that area (despite a belly higher up) it’s once more not any concern for me, but it may be for other people. It may also make you feel uncomfortable.

Forma-Care X-Plus

Strangely enough, while the pad is thick to begin with, it doesn’t gain much in volume when it gets wet, making the fit very predictable. I actually used to wear these diapers as my “long duration” padding on excursions involving waiting for the bus in the cold with no lavatory in sight (hospitals often being at the edge of the city) before I even knew the Comficare . Because of the low growth factor it didn’t make my jeans explode, even if it was a night diaper.

As a foil-based diaper of course we cannot go without a note on the stability vs. the fastening tapes. As such, it’s one of the better varieties that allow you at least one or two tries before you poke a hole into the foil. That’s provided you only pop them on ever so softly until you get the symmetry right before really pressing them hard for final fixation.

Beyond that there’s not much else to say. It’s really one of those “Use it! Or don’t?!” products that don’t leave much room for interpretation. It has a good value/ money ratio and fulfills all requirements, it’s just not very elegant, least of all if you really are daring enough to wear it in daylight. The “medical” color alone makes it look like you swiped it from a hospital stash, which may lead to awkward questions… ;-)

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