Space, the final Frontier…

There will be no diaper review this week and possibly not next week, either, since I’m so totally swamped with a million annoying things that have to do with my health condition in relation to my unemployment plus the usual pre-Christmas craze, but to brighten your day I have a little something for you:

ABU Diapers

As I keep writing, I like colorful stuff and as a reasonably nerdy science fiction fan space-y stuff is just my kind of thing and so I couldn’t resist the temptation and got myself the ABU Space. The price was okay as were the exchange rates and a few clicks later I was the happy owner of some of those. And of course while there, I snatched some ABU Cushies as well. I haven’t had a chance to test either of the two (that’s just how busy I am), but you can expect a proper review one of these days.

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