Diaper Test: ABU Space

As we’re fast approaching Christmas, I figured it would be a good idea to just give you that review of the ABU Space diaper after teasing everyone with it in one of my recent posts. It’s perhaps a bit too late for your last minute shopping, since you will need to order this product online in most cases, but you could always spend those extra bucks granny stuffed into your socks after the holidays.

ABU Space

As I said back then, this is one of the rare occasions where I really dig the print design for its choice of subject and in a way going the full mile by using an overall print. The blue tone is soothing and incidentally almost looks like a light denim color, so even if it pops out from under your clothes, it will take people a while to notice anything. See how easy it would be to bring some of my ideas to reality?

Other than that I just like space stuff. The little icons are also not over-designed and their size and proportions feel just right. The only tiny criticism, if at all, could be that it get’s a bit crowded in the centerline and a few less green UFOs might have looked even better. Of course even with such a specialty product the technical qualities do matter first and foremost, so let’s have a look and evaluate them.

ABU Space

The first thing you will notice is the weight. Like many of these diapers it’s thick and thus has a feel-able heaviness to it. This perception is furthered by the foil parts feeling more floppy than usual, which in part comes down to the type of foil used itself, but also to the printing adding just that bit of weight and the additional treatments further affecting this. Other products feel a lot more stiff and crinkly. That latter part will also disappoint fans of those little noises: This is a rather silent diaper, even if you wear it plainly without some damping cloth undies or jeans on top.

ABU Space

While the lack of sound effects may be one thing that disappoints some, everything else does not. I know I use these words too often and people accuse me of not being critical enough, but this is a pretty good product.

As you may guess from the bulky looking pictures, the absorbent pad is huge. Combined with its weight you can almost instantly form a picture in your mind on how much it will hold. And a correct picture it is indeed. You can wear this diaper for hours on end without feeling the need to change. You can definitely get through a very long night without any worries.

There are, however, two minor niggles on my end: Despite my liking for good bum coverage, a future revision of the product might actually benefit from a bit of downsizing the pad in the anterior regions. It feels a bit excessive and will eventually work against you. It’s not much, but I feel that shaving off those six or seven centimeters would do good.

Similarly, and I mentioned that back then in my Comficare/ Crinklz review, things can get uncomfortable between your legs when the pad is too wide there as is the case with the Space diaper as well. In contrast to the other product, though, you only begin to notice it very late because the overall feel is much softer.

ABU Space

What’s also visible in the pictures are the large adhesive tapes. What’s not visible is the extra strengthening foil they pop on. Not only am I getting better at doing my photos so this stuff doesn’t show up, but it’s also a flat/ matte foil. Just believe me that it’s there! ;-) You definitely will get ample opportunity to get your tapes right and achieve a perfect fit.

The latter is pretty regular, considering my past experience with products originating from non-European companies mostly has them  on the slightly larger side. It’s very much a normal size M for me, making it easy to wear without having to employ tricks like odd positioning of tapes.

As a whole, this is a nice product, if a costly one. It’s also not easy to procure since it will definitely require you to look for it at specialized smaller online dealers and then you will also need to deal with extra shipping cost and procedures. It’s simply not your typical Amazon order. I for one would definitely wear it more often, if someone sent me a big packet full of it for Christmas… ;-)

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