First Years are tough

Yay, exactly today it’s one year that this little blog is running. Having run web sites and blogs for over ten years I knew it would take a lot of work and dedication to get things up to speed, but I’ve never run an English and German version of the same blog, effectively doubling the work. It’s been quite a stretch, especially since I decided to use lots of graphics.

Ultimately that was one of the core motivations for opening up this place – I just couldn’t find good info on incontinence products such as I needed it so I set out to rectify that situation. Ridiculous as it may seem, other than that certain variety on Tumblr or fetish-oriented sites you cannot find good photos of what some products look like even today (by that I do not imply that my photos are actually “good”, so keep your calm). So for what it’s worth, at least I hope my little place here helps with that problem.

For the future my head is full of cool ideas and plans, but as with all things that enjoy a certain growth and healthy user base there is a point where it can’t work without some more people carrying the burden, and that’s where you come in. We’re approaching a point where it’s time to streamline workflows and reel in some goods so I don’t spend all my own money on diapers. To that end, I’ve set up another post explaining a few things and  linking to a little contact form where you can contribute in all the weird and wonderful ways. Perhaps it will work out, perhaps it won’t. So without much further ado check out the details:

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