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This post will act as a sticky note for listing all current needs/ wants to ensure ongoing testing of new products on this site just as well as occasional offerings from my end. Just jot down a few notes in the contact form if you want to offer something and I will get back to you:

As with everything, this needs some rules, so here we go.

  • Provide a valid e-mail address and a name so I can get back to you and work out the details.
  • Do not put sensitive information like your address or voucher codes in there.
  • If you do not hear anything from me, feel free to try again, but please don’t flood me. I cannot promise that I will reply to each mail, especially if you are not offering something specific.

If you have something interesting, I will get in touch with you in a timely manner and we can work out the details. Please understand that this is strictly voluntary and aside from my eternal gratitude, an honorary mention on my pages and perhaps some stuff from my own stash I can’t offer you much. You will have to take care to cover shipping costs and the like.

What am I looking for?

Apparently the most sore spot is my bad camera which due to its JPEG compression forces me to spend a lot of time with touch-ups on my images. Resolving this dilemma would boost this site by leaps and bounds. You can check my Amazon wishlist for some idea what I have my sights on and if we’re lucky enough, one day we may accumulate enough vouchers to make it happen.

Otherwise, since I’ve already covered many of the more common products or have respective articles in the pipeline (at least for European markets), I’m of course mostly looking for more exotic stuff and (visually) interesting subjects for my tests. Some of that would be:

  • exotic or exclusive products just for the fun of checking them out
  • full packs of products where I only had a few select samples, so I can add pack shots to the reviews
  • truck loads full of “good” diapers – I enjoy being pampered (no pun intended) just as much as the next guy, after all ;-)
  • any product in any size to complement existing product tests and my database

Beyond that I’m open to any other alternatives such as:

  • all sorts of specialty clothing like Dependco diaper covers, diaper onesies, protective undergarments, etc.
  • nice to have stuff like quality clothing, cute plushies, collectible figures and the like
  • my Amazon wishlist fulfilled
  • whatever you can imagine a guy like me might like

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