Diaper Test: Lilfit ClassicFit

This week’s product review is a bit different in that we somewhat stray from our usual path and look at a thinner product. I normally don’t use those, so what’s up with this then? Let’s find out and give the Lilfit ClassicFit a whirl.

Lilfit ClassicFit

Aside from making my site as comprehensive as possible and give an overview over as many products as I can, my initial motivation with getting this particular product was of course something that may appear a bit weird to the uninitiated. Yepp, I’m talking about that “doubling up” thing mentioned in my test of the Molicare Premium Soft.

There’s nothing complicated or secret about it. It really is what you think – you put a diaper around a diaper, with the only requirement that you need to make the outer surface of the inner diaper penetrable by poking holes in it with a pointy tool like a scissor, a knife or whatever you can find in your household. Apparently I did it to somewhat “salvage” and compensate for the weakness of another product and put it to better use, but I will not pretend that I don’t enjoy an extra thick multi-layered package from time to time for other reasons. ;-)

Lilfit ClassicFit

Other than the exotic use case described above, you would normally wear the diaper by itself. That begs the question of how it holds up, does it not?

Being only available in the lowest absorption classes with one or two drop ratings (referred to as T1 and T2, respectively), of course the use cases will be limited. Typically those lower classes are designed really only for bed-ridden people who will get them changed regularly every three or four hours or less even. If I were suffering from a heavy urine incontinence and would only have this product available, I’d need an extra backpack just for the change reserve when on the road. So for the most part I deem them unsuitable for any serious, extended activity as a mobile person.

That said, you can still wear these diapers on a planned routine. If you know you will only be away for so and so many hours and/ or have opportunities to change your nappy, it’s perfectly feasible to put them to good use. On a bad day, when my diarrhea is particularly bad and I need to change my protection more often than I would like, anyway, such short time products don’t make too much of a difference to a regular product – if things go wrong with my stomach, they both go to waste.

Lilfit ClassicFit

The diaper itself will do just fine. As already written in the review of the SupremFit, Lilfit products tend to be considerably larger than your average size and that is also the case here. It takes a bit of getting used to when you use more regular products, but once you get there, it’s comfortable. This is helped by the pad having a large surface despite its limited actual absorption. It saves you from feeling like you merely have a plastic bag wrapped around your bum.

What had me slightly stumped was the intense, very deep green color of the foil. I didn’t oversaturate the photos, it really is this dark. At least the T2 version is, the T1 one comes in a less aggressive eggshell blue like tone with a hint of turquoise. That could incidentally be another problem if you plan on wearing this product and haven’t fully covered it up under your clothing. Strangely enough, the foil is very robust and would work well on higher class products. It is mat and feels slightly rough, which allows for a good balance of being sticky enough to hold the tapes while at the same time allowing them to be pulled off again and being repositioned. Once in place, the tapes hold quite well, so there is nothing to fear.

Lilfit ClassicFit

Though not the typical product that we focus on on this site, this particular diaper is not without merits. As a “budget” line product it is somewhat rudimentary, yet at the same time quite usable and of better quality than similar products. If they offered it with thicker pads and higher absorption it would almost be worth a recommendation. Without this, it’s pretty much up to your own imagination to find a good use case. I have mine and as long as some not so great diapers keep crossing my path, I will hang on to that backup plan to still put them to use, I suppose.

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