Colorful News

A while ago I wrote up some ponderings on colored diapers and so it pleases me that lately we are seeing an increased number of products that fit that need. Most of them are just variations of existing products with a different print, though. Just fresh off the production lines SaveExpress have added another flavor of their MyDiaper range. Not sure if Sexy is an appropriate name, given the motives printed, but I guess it’s just a name. You can always opt for their classic Night version or unleash your Animal. Rearz are also entering the fray again with their Princess Pink which is sure to entice all the ladies. On a similar note the ABU Lavender might be their thing as well. Personally I wouldn’t object to wearing it, too. It doesn’t look too sissy. Then again I have yet to get my hands on the Little Pawz as well as the Safari. I’m also still fascinated by the saturated blue in DC Idyl. Ah, so many nice things… As always, if you know someone who knows someone or are willing/ able to provide these products/ samples just for the fun of it, I’d be obliged. It’s always so difficult and costly to get them here in Germany.

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