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We want Comficare back! (Or should we?)

On the German version of my blog I saw exactly this phrase “We want Comficare back!” in the latest search results, so it’s a thing spending five minutes to ponder on.

I have tested and reviewed both of Thrust Vector‘s products (here and here) and while both have their good sides, both have some weaknesses all the same. I was reminded of this just last week when I put on a Comficare from my depleting stockpile and a BetterDry the other day. I immediately loved the extra cover foil and the overall feeling of the Comficare while it was fresh, but as it got soggy, I was also reminded of how much I disliked that spreader feeling between my legs. The BetterDry on the other hand ripped due to its thin foil when I tried to tug it into position after I had worn it a while, so all that was left to do was dispose of it right away.

Those two little anecdotes illustrate some of the points quite well and this brings us to the actual question: Do we actually want the Comficare back? Aside from the reasons the manufacturer explained himself, it’s one of those half-half things. Personally I would love to get back the robustness of the Comficare, its extra glossy front panel and in some ways even the basic shape and snug feeling, but at the same time I much prefer the softer pad of the BetterDry and its slimmer cut between the legs. So for what it’s worth, there is room for either preference and ultimately it brings us back to what most people wanted originally: an improved Comficare v2. Had it come to pass, we also probably wouldn’t see so many complaints about the BetterDry


One comment on “We want Comficare back! (Or should we?)

  1. I wear Diapers now, for about twenty years and I never had a better diaper then the comficare. Last night I used the last one I had. I tried the Betterdry a couple of weeks ago and I was happy I could sell them on Ebay. I always order 10 packages at Save Express. Last time I ordered also the Abena Abriform. These are not, what they used to be, unfortunately. So please, let the Comficare come back!!


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