Diaper Test: Param Slip Premium

A short while ago I reviewed the Param Pants Basis and now it is time to look at their other product, the Param Slip Premium. Yes, they got the name right this time! ;-) Thanks to some nice person at Param GmbH who generously showered me with product samples (I love it when vendors cooperate and support my ventures!) this should be as comprehensive as it can possibly get, so let’s see what we have.

Param Slip Premium

The product comes in several sizes, but as my recent survey has shown, of course focuses on the size M and L range. That’s why the XL and S sizes only come as standard variants and in white as depicted in the picture below (left to right: XL, L Nacht, L, M Nacht, M, S).

Param Slip Premium

Since I already mentioned it, let’s talk a bit about that night and day thing. In fact there are three variants – the regular day version, the night version and an even further boosted Nacht Extra (night extra). Funny enough, aside from the different coloration of the foil, the pictures don’t really tell you that much. The initial thickness is pretty similar for all of them. However, you do feel the difference in weight when you hold them in your hand and can verify that by weighing them on your kitchen scales.

Param Slip PremiumParam Slip Premium

In contrast to that, the actual absorption volume is a bit more difficult to gauge. Naturally there is a distinct difference between the regular and the night variant, but I’m not so sure if the extra variant really adds that much on top. Don’t get me wrong, you can squeeze in that one or two more times of pee, but, which I suppose is the point, you may not want to. Of course the problem is the actual physical structure of the absorbent pad. When is it not?

While other times I may have criticized the lack of a better liquid distribution, this time this works just a bit too well. As a result, every nook and cranny of the diaper fills up even in areas where it isn’t that preferable. It’s great for actually exploiting more capacity, but quickly makes things feel really soggy and uncomfortable. That’s why most likely you will end up changing your nappy before its time and thus negate some advantages a higher absorbency version may have.

Don’t misunderstand this: Generally all of the Param Premium Slip diapers are in the upper half of the spectrum when it comes to their absorbent qualities, it’s just a fine line to make a decision if you need that bit extra and it’s worth your money or if the more conventional product can get you there as well. Or in other words: A Nacht Extra variant might be nice on weekends when you stay in bed two hours longer, but during the week the normal night version may do when the changing routine coincides with your preparations to go to work, school or similar (that is strictly speaking as me being a person who can control his bladder; if you are suffering from severe urine incontinence you may always need the highest level available).

Param Slip Premium

As is evident in the images, the surface area of the pad is pretty reasonable and sensible in that it uses the tried and tested oldschool “mostly rectangular with rounded corners” shape as you can find it on several comparable products. One could go crazy on this and do side-by-side comparisons in order to speculate out of which factory this product comes, but for the time being I will refrain from that. ;-)

When dry, the pads also feel a tad rigid and may not sit perfectly. This gets better as it gets moist and slides into place, but it will take you more than just one test sample until you begin to develop a feeling for the dynamics of the diaper. That is of course true for pretty much any product, though – you have to get used to them.

Param Slip Premium

The general fit of the diaper is actually quite good for my stature. It could use one or two centimeters more around the legs, but in the upper section it matches standard measurements quite well and feels comfortable. Especially around the back there is a good bit of coverage, which always makes me feel particularly safe. I can’t even put a finger on it, since like I said the measurements are pretty bog standard. Perhaps it’s simply the combination of several factors that make it so pleasant to wear.

Compared to the Param Pants Basis the ruffled zones around the waist line indeed do make quite a bit of difference and help matters along when it comes to a tight fit. On the other hand this is somewhat contradicted by the small tapes. Since I like to put on my diapers as tight as possible, I often pull very hard on those tapes to pin them where I need them to go and the thinner the tape, the greater the risk of things tearing and ripping. Also the blue bottom foil may already slide out of place when you use so much force. Wider tapes are less prone to such issues plus they often give a better and more even longitudinal spread of the foil inbetween, too.

Param Slip Premium

So what’s the verdict? On a forum I read that this would be the better alternative (for some at least) to the BetterDry and some even claim it would be an identical product, but neither of the two statements is actually true. It’s a fully developed product that stands on its own and emphasizes other aspects. Incidentally it does some things very well when people wouldn’t expect it. The truth, however, also is, that such comparisons would not exist, had the BetterDry not been the subject of perhaps unjustified grand expectations. If you want to compensate your frustrations over that a bit, I would fully recommend giving the Param Slip Premium a spin. It’s really not bad and a nice product at a pretty reasonable price. If they improve a few things it could actually be quite competitive as one of the better foil-based diapers.

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