Diaper Quickie: Rearz early 2016

Since I already see lots of questions about this, ever since SaveExpress added the newer Rearz diapers to their portfolio about 1.5 weeks ago, in particular on the dashboard of the German version of this blog, here’s a short appetizer.

Rearz Line-Up early 2016

I didn’t get a chance to actually wear one of the new models (the three on the right) yet, but there are a few basic observations:

  • They are different construction wise than the Spoiled (on the left), meaning they come out of a different factory.
  • All three new ones (Safari, Princess Pink and Seduction, left to right) share the same shape, measurements and features like the extra foil area.
  • The size is pretty regular like regular medical products, which also sets them apart from the Spoiled.
  • They are reasonably heavy and thick, so they should be able to hold a lot.
  • Photographing a black diaper is a lot more tricky than a white one. *lol*

I can tell you more in a little while once I’ve actually managed to engage my bum sensors and put the goods to use. This little post is just to reassure you that I’m sort of working on it, especially since I’m once again in a phase where you may have to go without a weekly test for two or three weeks. I just have so much else to do at the moment.

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