Diaper Test: Rearz Safari, Seduction and Princess Pink

This is the test many have been waiting for – here in Germany at least. As I wrote one and a half week ago, everyone’s favorite good stuff dealer, SaveExpress, had added the latest Rearz products only recently and everyone has the hots for it. Since the products are essentially identical, I’ll walk through one  and then after that point out the differences for the others. Let’s begin with the one that stands out most, the Seduction.

Rearz Seduction

Strangely enough, people have a thing for black diapers and are willing to pay a premium for black lingerie. In that regard the seduction moniker at least fits in that it seduces people to spend their hard-earned cash. In this case quite a lot of cash. The mere thought of paying 2.50 Euros for one of those is enough to keep you up at night – or alternatively not drink anything just  so you can wear the product longer. ;-) One would really wish someone came forward with a more affordable black product. It’s not hard to predict that it would sell like crazy.

Rearz Seduction

Apparently the reason why this hasn’t happened yet is the black foil. Either it’s really not available in sufficient quantity and quality or too expensive. The same could be said for the tapes and inner lining tissue. At least transparent adhesive tapes would not stand out that much. It would be interesting if this is actually feasible for future production runs. Aside from getting lost in the visual details, what else does the product offer?

Most notably there is a huge and thick absorbent pad. As a matter of fact I’m inclined to consider it excessively large in some regions, namely the aft section. I’m all for good bum wrappage, but also covering the outsides of your buttocks almost completely is perhaps only necessary in cold, freezy winters. It’s wasted area even if you happen to have a bad day with diarrhea. On the other hand it’s of course super comfy with the pad being very soft. It’s fluffy as lambskin.

Some comparisons have been made with the Comficare, for the most part based on the pad being rather wide between the legs and a certain stiffness of the foil (which, however does not apply to the black variant, only the printed ones further down), which personally I don’t find particularly fitting and valid. Because the pad is much softer, I never had this extreme feeling of waddling around like a toddler or having a wooden board between my thighs. The whole experience therefore is a lot more pleasant. This also extends to the pad not firming up and getting rigid as much as that other product.

There’s a downside to that as well. After a while it will get rife with moisture, which can be a very inconvenient feeling. Though generally I could wear this product for a very long time and it holds a lot of liquid, I couldn’t keep it on as long as e.g. a BetterDry. I guess that’s the price of a little less super absorber and the fine structure of the pad making it easy for the liquid to migrate throughout the pad. If you plan on having a long night, you might want to have a replacement handy regardless of the theoretical capacity.

Rearz Seduction

Similar things can be said for the fit. It’s really quite different from a Comficare and in fact pretty regular as opposed to being a tad small-ish. It feels roomy enough, too, but not overly so. One might say it’s just right and you can be relieved to just buy the size you normally would. There’s good enclosure all the way round as well. The pleats areas are very strong, though arguably someone forgot to check his physics textbook. At least in the front region the extra transparent sticker tends to nullify some of the effects of the accordion ruffles for the simple fact that it goes up to the very edge, thus leaving not enough of the more flexible foil underneath exposed to actually allow for some tension. This is again less of a problem for the black version, but the printed versions with their stronger foil tend to just flip over across the whole length of the ruffles if, like me, you tend to have a bit of a belly.

Rearz Safari

With that already said, we can move on to the Safari. I approached the Rearz people back last year when this one came out in Canada, but they said that for the time being it would not be available in Europe any time soon. Thankfully things worked out with SaveExpress, after all, and sometimes good things come to those that wait.

Rearz Safari

Pretty much everything I said above applies to this diaper as well. The recurring subject of the heavier foil warrants some more words. Aside from the potential issues already mentioned, it is very crinkly and loud as in “Your grandma could hear it without her hearing aids.”. This is something you should most definitely consider, should you decide to wear this under your clothes. I found no good way to completely eliminate these noises with extra covers on top, so unless you are out & proud and confident enough, it may not be the best idea to wear this diaper at your workplace. Your colleagues and boss asking questions is a good likelihood with those sounds coming out of your pants. ;-)

Rearz Safari

Another minor issue that also can be attributed to the specific properties of the foil is the potential for things to come loose. Obviously there can be some strong shearing forces, even more so in areas where stuff has been glued together under pressure and tension, so you may see some dog ears style areas where the inner backing tissue lifts off slightly at the cutting edges or you have some blisters. I also had one case where the transparent front panel had so much air under it, it would come off easily. Mind you, these aren’t major issues and on some level inherent in the physical structure and manufacturing process, but you should keep an eye out for such stuff.

The prints of course are super-cute and bear a similarity to the Crinklz critters which is hard to miss. My personal favorite is the little hippo, BTW. The distribution is about just right, though the graphics artist in me already dreams up all sorts of alternate arrangements. I also miss a dose of orange, blue and purple, because despite intense red and yellow tones, it feels very neutral and even a bit “cold”. Still, one can’t complain, especially since unlike with other products the prints seem to adhere very well and barely rub off.

Rearz Princess Pink

Moving on to the home stretch, let’s have a quick look at the Princess Pink as well. No, I don’t have a thing for “pretty in pink” nor am I into sissification or any of that, but there’s no harm in it, either, from time to time. The name may suggest so, but this diaper isn’t as pink as one might like to think, anyway. I tried to find a good balance in my photos, but depending on the light, the lighter rose shade indeed almost looks white. Conversely, the colors of the fuchsia/ magenta/ hot pink areas sometimes look more red, other times more blue-ish and shift around. That is to say it’s not as bad as it may sound at first and not as pushy as you thought. Who knows, a few years down the road these colors may have a resurgence even in male fashion and then the only question might be “Why the unicorns?”. ;-)

Rearz Princess PinkRearz Princess Pink

In closing, there’s a lot of good things here for these products, though once more overshadowed by the almost horrendous prices. If someone dumped a container of them in front of my door (yes, even the pink ones), I’d wear them in a heartbeat, but as it stands this remains stuff to show off your bum on parties or stimulate your beloved in your bedroom. That and of course some things like the crinkly noises – not even counting the colored prints in the first place – make it a little less feasible as a daily alternative to whatever you may be using right now.

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