Diaper Test: Seni Super Seni

I skipped another week without a proper diaper review. Sneaky, aren’t I? Did anyone even notice? ;-) Live’s just pretty busy at the moment. Now that I’m at it again, we are going to have a look at a product I’ve been putting off forever. There’s a couple of reasons for this, which we will go into further on in the article. So without much dancing around, let’s evaluate the Seni Super Seni.

Super Seni Quatro

This particular brand is produced in Poland, where they turn their rich forests into cellulose pulp or something like that. Funny enough, it’s also the most readily available line of medical incontinence products here in Germany. It literally is available in almost every of our Sanitätshaus medical supplies stores. Of course there’s a reason for this – aside from lesser known OEM brands that may be even cheaper, it pretty much is the most cost-efficient offering out there. Talk about the benefits of lower wages in former Eastern block states and local supply chains… Now things being what they are, “cheap” often comes with suspicions about potential quality issues. Are there any?

Super Seni Trio

First, to put everyone’s mind at ease, there are no genuine problems here. A lot of what you are going to read is of course influenced by my already having tested so many products and thus having certain expectations, some reservations as well as personal preferences. Still, you might be able to relate to some of that, especially since I already mentioned that I have been putting off this article for like forever. Let’s begin with something that is my biggest peeve: Size.

Yepp, there must be many small people living in Poland, as this diaper is notably undersized. It’s kind of okay around the waist line, actually, but on the legs not so much. Everything is just too short to get it closed, at least on my body. I wouldn’t even imagine how much more of a gap there would have been back in the day when I was cycling like crazy and had thighs like tree trunks. With that said, it’s definitely size L for me, not M. Once I moved up to the bigger size, things felt much more comfortable since, despite theoretically being too large (Always remember these guidelines!), there’s a reasonably snug fit because the then again too small legs wrapped tightly enough around my legs. Are you still with me? I know it sounds confusing when you read it. Unfortunately, though, you can’t play this game infinitely and I would predict that at some point it might be a bit ridiculous to wear an XL diaper or even larger.

Super Seni Plus

The other thing that always rubbed me the wrong way is the very paper-y feel of the Seni. The diaper is very white, which is actually a nice thing, but at the same time the surface quite literally feels like it is made from office printer paper or grocery store paper bags. This also has repercussions in that it makes the outer surface feel oddly mushy after a while (there’s no actual leakage, though) and despite being breathable/ textile surface there is a distinct rustling noise. I also feel it impairs the ability to re-open and re-fasten the tapes because it increases the likelihood of stuff coming off and damaging the surface.

Super Seni Trio

There are four absorbency levels which partly you can see in the images sprinkled throughout this article. Blue is the base level, purple is Plus, green is Trio and red/ pink is Quatro. The differences between the levels are not that big as the naming would make you believe, however. There’s a distinct up-tick from the baseline version to the Plus and then one more slight jump to the Trio, but I’m not so sure if there is much practical gain above and beyond that. Naturally, you will to have to do your own testing eventually. The shape of the pad is nothing out of the ordinary, though in light of the size issues I find it difficult to get that safe feeling in the posterior parts. Things feel a bit loose, which incidentally also contributes to the dreaded clumping of the cellulose flakes as things get wet. There’s too much space for things to move from left to right and up and down.

Super Seni Trio

Passing judgement on this one is really difficult. It’s one of those “I would love to like it more (or is it like to love it more?), but…” things. This diaper has nothing extraordinary or outstanding to offer aside from that you can get it easily on every corner in Germany and at a decent price. Compared to products from other vendors it always seems just one inch behind in several areas, so at the the end of the day it ends up being just an okay product in both the positive and negative meanings this could be interpreted. To be fair, though, I’m more than willing to admit that it may work wonderfully once you have those fit issues out of the way.


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