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Love me (Ex-)tender

As someone wearing diapers now around the clock (that’s 24/7 to you) due to my incontinence issues of course I’m always looking for ways to make it as comfortable as I possibly can. Proper fixation is one of the key issues and even back then I already said how nice a diaper body/ onesie can be. Incidentally, snuggling up in them and feeling cute of course fits the “little” personality somewhere inside me just as well.

Lately there have been more varied offerings from different sides and while for the most part I’ve been lucky, getting the right size is still pretty hit & miss. Manufacturers just can’t seem to settle on reasonably standardized cut patterns/ shapes and so getting some of these items off eBay recently royally bit me in my sweet little behind. No, it wasn’t that I’m a bit chubby and my belly got in the way. I’m the first to admit that I have figure problems, but this time the issues are real.

First I bought one body in XL size, which based on the measurements provided is a reasonably match. It fitted nicely in the top parts, but was way, way to short around the crotch area. Thinking I just mis-calculated and made a bad judgement I then picked up the same model in XXXL and what can I tell you – it was still way too short. I totally blame it on these particular models designed for midget-sized Asians.

So there I was, slightly panicked on the verge of crying over having to write off a reasonably expensive investment (in relation to my currently very limited financial resources) and was thinking hard how I could salvage this debacle. Then it dawned on me that there is such a thing as diaper body extensions. Some vendors like Kiwisto offer them as regular items in their shops, others not so much. So I sent a quick inquiry via their contact form whether they would be able to produce custom ones, but unfortunately within their production chain they couldn’t accommodate my requirements unless I were to order some 100 of these things or so.

Still, they were of some help in the matter as I then remembered I had two of their extensions in rose color. To date I don’t exactly know how I ended up with them because they simply fell out of a body of same color I ordered once, yet I never had consciously added them to my cart. I dug them out from my storage and checked, whether the buttons would fit. And lo and behold, they did! From that point things got more awesome with every step and possibilities opened up.

  • If this would fit, I could order some white extensions and use them.
  • If things could be arranged, I could even get correct button placement.
  • If things didn’t work out, I’d at least have a reference for having some extensions custom made.

With the extension in place I tried it on and with a bit of stretching out the cloth it worked nicely. With that knowledge in my hand all I needed to do now was to find someone who could actually produce those little pieces of cloth. So in my search on eBay I came across a helpful person who produces them for various baby body brands already. She’s now even put up a regular web site for your pleasure and ease of contact.

Based on my test, I took some photos and measured everything and once we were sure everything was at hand (including snap buttons of the right size), I gave it a green light. Three days later I already had the products in my hands. I had to have three individual versions made because of the different size I needed two different lengths and to complicate matters, the button placement was also different on the two XXXL models (I ordered one with a different print not seen in the pictures as well).

As you can see, it turned out nicely. I’m a happy camper and can’t thank Mrs. Römhild enough. If you are ever running into similar problems, give her web site a spin and contact her. I’m not sure how well she speaks English, though. If you run into issues, give me a ping. I’ll gladly help you sort things out to overcome the language barrier.

Diaper Body ExtensionDiaper Body ExtensionDiaper Body ExtensionDiaper Body Extension


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