Diaper Test: Medline Slip Ultra Comfort Super Plus

This week’s review brings us another lesser known product, which is not necessarily easily available since it appears to be distributed mostly through business channels for large quantity orders from hospitals and the like. I got mine once again through SaveExpress so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and look at the Medline Slip Ultra Comfort Super Plus.

Medline Slip Ultra Comfort Super Plus

Yupp, that’s quite a mouthful and when you read the product name for the first time you can’t help but feel that someone is pulling a prank on you like they do when the spoof TV advertising on comedy shows. You know, that old “more super than super” thing. Someone in their marketing department certainly has been busy, but perhaps didn’t have the best of days. Depending on which side you’re on, such artificially inflated naming can get you very excited with great expectations or give you an uneasy feeling and set you up for a major disappointment.

Medline Slip Ultra Comfort Super Plus

The facts are simple – 28 pieces per pack, breathable surface, normal thickness and a pretty standard shaped pad do not imply that this would be an excessively absorbent product. So let’s get rid of the Ultra in the name right away. Actually testing this further confirms these initial suspicions. The diaper will hold two or three normal amounts of pee, but then become leaky rather quickly. Aside from the pad being very thin to begin with, it isn’t very well-balanced.

It feels stiff and like a layer of compressed paper towels, thus impairing absorption of liquids since they cannot penetrate the tissue fast enough and float along the surface. Not good. There also seems to be very little super absorber, leaving no safety margin and ultimately this is very likely in big parts responsible for the leaking. There’s just nothing there to hold the liquids. At least due to the compression and visible longitudinal ribs the pad doesn’t fall apart, but that’s perhaps the most positive thing you can say about it.

Medline Slip Ultra Comfort Super Plus

Naturally, not being reasonably safe with regards to liquid retention has a huge impact on Comfort. Beyond that, how does the diaper fare? The marketing blah-blah states that it comes with Aloe Vera scent and oils, but quite frankly the scent is repugnant beyond belief. When you open the package, it smells like someone drenched it with a sharp disinfection agent. A typical case where some smartass thought they could substitute the real thing for cheap synthetics and nobody would notice. If you want a nice smell, the IndaSlip is a much better choice.

This also extends to the care factor. Contrary to what they tell you, the inner lining does not even seem to have a hint of those magic oils and feels very rough. A huge part of this is once again owing to the bad quality of the pad of course. The actual liner/ outer surface is actually one of the better ones, similar to those used on Ontex products, but is totally wasted here.

The one good thing in the convenience department is the size. Since this diaper is slightly larger than average standard sizes, the fit tends to be quite good without having to worry too much about strategic placement of the adhesive tapes. That would be troublesome, anyway, since once again despite grandiose claims they are playing things cheap. Conventional glue-based tapes really don’t work that well on textile surfaces.

Medline Slip Ultra Comfort Super Plus

Overall this is a disappointing product. It may serve it’s purpose in the hospitals that seem to be the main target audience for this one, but for general use at home and, god forbid, while moving around in public it is in my view completely unsuitable. You’d have to change it like ten times a day and the absorption behavior is way too unpredictable.

This is by no means a Ultra Comfort Super Plus product. At best it’s a mediocre standard product as our deconstruction has shown. Lots of fancy words, but no substance to them. Even the price isn’t that good once you think about it. As long as you have other options, there’s no good reason to use these particular diapers.

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