Diaper Test: MoliCare Slip maxi

Following up on last week’s bits on the new Hartmann product versions, it’s time to look at the first one of them. Slightly lazy as I am on this day, which so far is the hottest this year and everyone being under schock from the Brexit vote, anyway (which could make some things a good bit more complicated when shopping for exotic diapers via UK outlets), I have opted to do a quick & dirty article and begin with the MoliCare Slip maxi.

MoliCare Slip Maxi

This is the follow-up/ replacement to the Molicare Super Plus, though in the strictest sense it isn’t even that, because it’s basically the same diaper coming off the production lines just with a different foil. Even that part may not be exactly new to some of you, since in some countries it has been sold with the blue backing for a while already. For sake of comparison a photo below.

MoliCare Slip Maxi

Personally my impression also is that the new foil is just a tad more robust. While this probably still remains one of my favorite diapers (it just fits like a glove on my bum), the hyper-sensitive foil prone to tearing has always been one of my peeves. However, I could be totally imagining any improvements and by now just have gotten used to it, both in my own technique in putting it on as well as the product’s behavior. ;-)

MoliCare Slip Maxi

The product remains available in all three sizes as well (S, M and L), though I only had the two bigger ones at hand for the picture. Some people also have claimed that the quality of the absorbent pad has gotten worse once again, but I can’t confirm these suspicions. As far as I can tell it behaves pretty much like it always has and I tend to think that I’ve worn it long enough to make that assessment. Other than that there’s really not much more to say. Aside from some minor design changes it really is your good old friend that you’ve known for so long…

MoliCare Slip MaxiMoliCare Slip MaxiMoliCare Slip Maxi

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