Diaper Test: Absorin Comfort Slip Ultra

Whenever I have finished up an article or prepped some graphics I find myself thinking that I’ll eventually run out of material one of these days only to stumble upon another product unbeknownst to me the next day. The Absorin Comfort Slip Ultra had been on my list for a while, but delayed for just as long since I had been waiting to hear back from the original Dutch vendor. Apparently they never returned my call, as it were, so ultimately I took the plunge and got myself a pack via SaveExpress once again.

Absorin Comfort Slip Ultra

As an imported product this is not the cheapest, so it better be good. While simple in design, the packages have an elegant style, using almost uniform colors with a bit of gradation here and there. It also so happens that dark greys rank amongst my favorite colors, so this is pleasant to look at. But of course it’s the contents that matters, is it not?

Absorin Comfort Slip Ultra

The product does not disappoint and stays true to its name. It feels quite heavy when you take one piece out of the package and the overall weight is not that far removed from specialty diapers like a Comficare or the newer Rearz. That always sounds good to me and bodes well for what to expect in terms of absorbency. Indeed it’s quite good and will get you through a night without letting you down.

The pad will feel dry for very long and not release any liquid since it’s very dense and laced well with super-absorber. There are some downsides to this, though. The pad itself is very compressed and thus also rather rigid from the outset. This is not to everyone’s taste since there’s not much you can do to force it to adapt to your body contours. Either it fits reasonably or it doesn’t. This may then get even more uncomfortable as the pad swells with liquid and gets even more stiff.

Another, minor downside with these types of pads is that you have to be careful the first time you pee as the hard surface is not as penetrable initially and you have to “soften” it by wetting. The overall distribution however is quite okay once you get over that hurdle. It never feels like you create individual puddles just as the liquid isn’t crawling all over the place and you get a wet butt immediately after the first time. For wont of a better description, the liquid expands quite linearly and predictably, making it easy to judge when you may want to change your nappy.

Absorin Comfort Slip Ultra

The overall shape of the pad is also okay, but unfortunately it’s part of a diaper that tends to be a bit small-ish. For me at least this is on the fringe of being an okay fit. While I don’t mind things getting tight in my crotch (as I’m of the opinion the less your willy can move around, the less can go wrong just in case he’s not pointing in teh righ tdirection), around the leg things are marginal. Had I known this, I would have picked a size L instead of M, which I might just do one of those days to check.

If you are very pressure sensitive and your size tends to be a bit off I would definitely recommend getting it larger. The backing material is very robust to the point that you can tug and pull it into every direction and you just can’t get it to rip. In a pinch this might even work as a towing cable. That being the case, obviously it might cause striations and pressure marks when the fit is too tight. As an advantage that comes out of this is that the overall shape doesn’t change much aside from the volume change of the pad and you can be quite certain that if you got the fit right once you won’t have to re-check and re-adjust every half hour.

As a textile surface product this would of course be possible, but I advise caution. Just as the whole surface is quite strong, so are the velcro tapes and it’s easily possible to cause damage. In my opinion this has to do with the tapes having four rows of teeth (and very pronounced ones at that) as opposed to the more common three or two rows. If you get my drift: Simple physics. Larger adhesion area – stronger forces.

Absorin Comfort Slip Ultra

In conclusion I have to say that this is one of the better products out there, it just has a few oddities/ unique quirks that prevent it from achieving higher merits. Most notably the overall somewhat rigid nature combined with the very small fit can be problematic if you tend to be a bit touchy in those departments. Outside that it’s a reasonable diaper with a very high absorbency and well worth a try if you can get it for a good price. I would totally use it if someone sent me another pack, it might just need to be one size larger.

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