Diaper Test: MoliCare Premium Slip, Part 1

Moving on further with our look at the rebranded/ reworked Hartmann products, we are getting a bit closer to the good stuff with the MoliCare Premium Slip line of products.

MoliCare Premium Slip

Currently they come in four flavors equalling different levels of absorbency ranging from the basic extra plus to the strongest maxi plus as depicted above. To keep things neat and relatable to my original articles, I’m going to split this up into multiple parts. We shall begin with the extra plus and super plus, which match the previous Molicare Premium soft Extra and Super, respectively.

MoliCare Premium Slip extra plusMoliCare Premium Slip extra plus

The products come in all the standard sizes from S to XL and the extra plus even is available in XS (which probably would have looked sort of cute like a baby nappy next to the bigger ones, had I had an example). On the other end, in case if you have ever wondered, an XL diaper is actually not really bigger than a size L, it just has longer wings to allow for a larger circumference.

If you read my old article, I wasn’t particularly happy with these products and unfortunately this hasn’t changed. Sadly, the chance to improve the product has been missed. I seriously don’t “get” which use case the extra plus is supposed to serve. In its class you can clearly get cheaper products that do the trick just as well.

As I wrote back then, the fit and everything is actually okay, it just almost immediately starts to go mushy when you wet it for the first time, eliminating every feeling of comfort that there may have been and it still doesn’t hold any amount of liquid that I would find meaningful. It’s really like you pee in it twice and then have to change it in order to avoid leakage.

In my view this is really just for the occasional use or you are suffering from additional conditions that necessitate a change every two hours. The Hartmann people are going to hate me for this, but six drops within in the new rating system? I think not. On my imaginary, linearized rating system this is more like just four or even a measly three drops.

MoliCare Premium Slip extra plusMoliCare Premium Slip extra plusMoliCare Premium Slip extra plus

The second model, the super plus, is a slightly other story. It still doesn’t completely satisfy me, either, but with the adjusted rating system it’s more clear where the company sees the product and as a standard mid-range product it’s okay. As a matter of fact I had just used up the last few remnants of the original Premium soft Super shortly before the revised versions started popping up. By that time I think I got the hang of how long I could wear one such diaper without risking accidental loss of liquid.

Another thing that I noticed was that these products are especially prone to leaving a smeary layer on your skin that takes forever to wash off during your daily shower routine and makes things inconvenient. It really seems that this delicate balance between super absorber, pulp and other ingredients is off and causes this. I’m still testing the other versions, but I’m definitely going to keep an eye on that there as well.

MoliCare Premium Slip super plusMoliCare Premium Slip super plusMoliCare Premium Slip super plus

So for what it’s worth, while they may do the trick, I feel there’s something really missing from these products. In my world it’s extremely hard to justify their price and Hartmann seriously need to sit down and rethink their strategy here. There’s a whole truck load of conditional”if”s here and perhaps the best approach would be to create a more affordable version as an amalgam of both that meets somewhere in the middle with a more rounded out overall feel.

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