Diaper Accessories: Suprima Pants

Incontinence care is never based on an isolated single measure, but rather a system and it needs to be approached as such. A good diaper can only be “almost there” without proper fixation and other complimentary means whereas some mid-class products can reach new heights with a bit of additional help. For some use cases like my fecal incontinence and its specifics I would even call it an essential necessity. I wish my health insurance would realize that instead of entangling me in legal action, fighting over subsidies for protective undergarments, but let’s not get too carried away here. ;-)

Aside from my loose ponderings on some of these things in my introductory article and a short review of a specific Param product I never got around to much else, but I’m hoping that will change now somewhat. I’m always on the lookout for options and not only do these little explorations satisfy my own curiosity, but of course I’m hoping to help you as my inclined readers get a better picture as well, so you don’t spend your money on products you may not like afterwards. To that end I’ve been a little sneak and put heads together with the people at Suprima to sort out some things and get everything right. As a start we are going to have a look at their “Swedish flapper”/ button-up/ snap-on  type of products (some of them, anyway).

Suprima 1249, 1250, 1252, 1269, 1288

Over the coming weeks and months we are going to have a detailed look at them and explore their Pros and Cons in terms of comfort, durability, ease of maintenance and cleaning, how well they do their job and all those little details. Of course there’s a reason why I picked those buttoned variants first – they are for all intents and purposes what I consider the most practical kind of wrapping since they can be put on in every imaginable fashion while lying on bed, standing, sitting and thus in contrast to pull-up variants don’t involve extra leg acrobatics or require you to stand up. There are other benefits, some disadvantages, some so-so things, but that shall be the subject of each respective article and not be discussed at length here already.

Suprima 1249, 1250, 1252

The specimen we are going to have a look at in the plastic/ vinyl department include a Suprima 1249, a 1250 and a 1252. The first two can perhaps be considered the basics, while the 1252 is a more advanced variation with numerous adjustable elastic ribbons for a more individualized fit. The latter will be interesting to play around and try different fit options, something which I haven’t had a chance to do yet. There’s a first time for everything, I guess! ;-)

Suprima 1249, 1250Suprima 1252

The other two products in our little test regimen are textile-based, but do have some tricks up their sleeves by ways of special coatings and impregnation. These types of products have become more widely available in recent years because a) the technology has evolved to actually offer them (at reasonable cost) and b) the more openly incontinence issues are talked about, the more demand is there to have specialty products, that at the same time could pass as normal lingerie, at least on a fleeting, superficial glance.

Suprima 1269, 1288Suprima 1269, 1288

If you have specific questions that you would like to see answered in the upcoming articles feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll try to answer them and get the information. For obvious reasons I’ll be starting with the 1249 and 1250 as a foundation and reference for the later articles and then take it from there. See you in a bit…

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