Colorful News 2

After struggling with computer issues this morning, my day got better with ABU announcing their Preschool diaper. From the looks of it, this seems to be yet another shape and it’s made with a breathable backing, so it likely comes from a different manufacturer, making it impossible to predict it’s fit and absorbency. Anyway, I sort of dig the night theme with the crescent moon and also the aviatic print, so I’d definitely love to hold it in my hands one of these days. I still have to get some samples of the Lavender, too.

Speaking of which, ABU have also added some onesies to their collection and expanded their stickers range. Now I’m not crazy over pimping my diapers with cute pictures, but from time to time it could be fun. I also have built up quite a collection of onesies, but I definitely don’t have a hot pink one yet and even the green and blue appear to be nice, saturated colors that you don’t usually find with other vendors. I even like that they actually have added elastic seams around the legs, a feature absent on most other such products. I almost wish I had a wealthy uncle over there in the states who could send me a package…

Rearz are also experimenting with new prints on their diapers as well as new options like single extra broad tapes, but their website somehow always confuses me and you never quite know if and when these products are/ will be actually available. That can’t be said for the MyDiaper Pink, which has been there for a few weeks now. Between that and Dotty the Pony I think the market for diapers in this color is fast reaching a saturation point, but who knows, perhaps owls like on the Kiddo diaper could become the next big thing? ;-)

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