Contact Form Bust

Sometimes going all too fancy can indeed be detrimental to achieving your goals. I had to learn this lesson today when someone apprised me of an issue with the contact form on my support post. There I was with a sleek branching survey to accommodate multiple options (and incidentally satisfy my nerd genes) and it just didn’t send out e-mail notifications. So I discovered some old contact attempts that I never replied to. A big sorry and apologies to everyone who may have tried to contact me this way. The form itself seemed to be working fine, but to avoid further confusion in the future I’ve replaced it with a simple inline WordPress-native form element. This should be much more straightforward. If you want to get in touch (again), just fire away…


2 comments on “Contact Form Bust

  1. Have sent you a message before, don’t know if got by you yet. A reply would be good, can supply diapers you looking for (some at least) and also have you tried the ABU Preschool ones yet?


    • I’ve gotten back to you several times via the address you provided. Please check your mail folders or provide a mail address that actually works, in case you never got anything.


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