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Like me?!

After that little debacle over my contact form I’ve decided to go ahead and instate a dedicated Facebook page to reflect activities here on this blog and make it easier for people to get in touch and comment since I know that, while many people read these pages, very few will bother to register with WordPress. For now everything is still a bit rough around the edges and I don’t have a handy-dandy short link page name yet since I haven’t collected enough Likes, but over the coming weeks this should improve as I get a better handle on things. Type in “Mylenium’s Health Stuff” in the Facebook search and you should be able to find me there. I’d appreciate if you could thumbs-up the page while you’re at it, so I can rename it to something useful. Thanks!


One comment on “Like me?!

  1. Unfortunately due to circumstances I don’t get Facebook, but I have just set up my own Wrodpress page. Hope to se you there, and I think your page is AWESOME. Thank you!



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