Diaper Test: Seni Optima

The hottest days of this year are probably over, but that shall not stop us from reviewing a product that might be a good alternative to your regular diaper on such days. Let’s inspect the Seni Optima.

Seni Optima

As I’ve said many times in the past already, I’m not necessarily a friend of belted diapers. Some of that dislike is naturally due to the specifics of my physique and pushing a barrel belly around, some of it relates to the lack of “bum coverage” with regards to the requirements of my type of incontinence, some of it due to not so great initial experiences with the Tena Flex. Regardless, I’m trying to keep an open mind and give these products a whirl every now and then as apparently there’s always the chance something great might turn up.

As a TZMO/ Seni product it shares pretty much all the standard features we discussed with the Super Seni already. The color coding works the same and thus you see a Plus on the photos while the package shot represents the Trio. In case you wonder: this wild mix is mostly owed due to the messy order in which I sometimes have samples for one flavor while the package shots are done at a different time using another version. In a similar vein, it also shares the very white, very paper-like outer surface – for better or worse.

Seni Optima

Continuing the similarities is a below average size. Once again I had to resort to using an L in place of a way too tiny M to even come close to an acceptable fit. Lucky for us, this plays into our (my) hands in this case. Strange as it may sound, this is the first flex type diaper that felt right for me and gave a snug and comfortable fit like I’m used to from my regular ones. Everything ends up being in just the right places and it even feels reasonably sealed around the posterior parts.

Still, that feeling of being “naked” doesn’t really go away. Therefore I don’t have any doubt in my mind that a product like this could never become my permanent preferred solution. It won’t for several reasons, with the insufficient surface area of the pad perhaps being the most critical one. There’s just too much of a risk that stuff oozing out of your butt crack will leave the diaper left and right. The absorption of the pad otherwise is comparable to the normal slip variants, but of course it’s still the trimmed down version that may just hold that much less and you need to figure this in.

Seni Optima

The most important part is of course the belt/ straps and this is a whole different world compared to that more than slightly annoying thing with the Tena Flex. All potential pitfalls are neatly avoided, beginning with the ribbons actually coming off much easier from the inside backing, making it less likely to inflict damage to critical areas. I also found that I was able to keep the straps in place better. One of the things that impaired the enjoyment of wearing on the Tena was the overlapping parts flapping around and crinkling up. This doesn’t happen as much here, probably due to better friction adhesion.

The big thing comes with Seni being nice to us and not bothering us with velcro stripes that span the entire width of the straps and then scratch and itch where the get in contact with your tummy or underbelly at the edges. In Tena‘s defense, though, they seem to have it rectified in newer editions of their Flex, which perhaps warrants another round of testing their product one of these days.

Anyway, the Seni Optima only uses one such broad tape in the middle, but it’s of a more conventional make, so you can easily place it strategically and exact. The actual front flap is then pinned to the straps using your bog standard small velcro tapes. That’s in my view much better than hiding the fixation points under the flap like Tena does with all the additional benefits like avoiding scratching from the start simply because you see what you are doing. It just doesn’t look as finessed and elegant, but I’d trade convenience for aesthetics every time in this case.

Seni Optima

Despite my general reservations for this class of product, this one is okay by me. Combined with the usual very affordable pricing of Seni products there’s nothing that speaks keeping one of those packs of ten in your stockpile during the summer months just in case you might need it on a day when the sun is sizzling through the trees and singeing your brain. Otherwise once more it remains a matter of personal preference and suitability for your body type and the criteria are highly selective. Either it works or it doesn’t.

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