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Diaper Test: ID Slip Super

A product that has long been looming on my “one of these days” to-do list is the ID Slip Super. This is the “official” sibling to the ID Expert Slip Super which we already checked out last year. With a bit more experience under my belt it’s time to perhaps re-evaluate some of the aspects and of course point out the differences and unique features.

ID Slip Super

Right off the bat you notice the differently sized package. This version uses a more conventional, more easy to handle format, but because of this can only hold 20 pieces just as well. This in turn also affects the price-value ratio, making it a slightly more expensive proposition if you break it down to a single unit price. That’s nothing out of the ordinary and common practice with most manufacturers, but something to have at the back of your head when making your buying decision, especially if you’re on a budget.

ID Slip Super

A side-by-side comparison of both versions reveals only minor differences in terms of the overall shape, if any, and most of those can be attributed to the usual tolerances during the production process. Otherwise the foil version and the breathable version are pretty much interchangeable. Naturally, the fixation method differs and the textile surface variant uses velcro tapes – as good sense would dictate. This gives you plenty of room to play with different fit options. Perhaps the single biggest advantage over most foil products, though in this case even the plastic backed version allows a few attempts without destroying the diaper.

ID Slip Super

A matter which we didn’t discuss before are the sizes. As I wrote back then, my usual size M fits well enough and the diaper tends to be within regular measurements based on European standards. Having tried the L size just as well I can corroborate that info without any ambiguity. However, I found that this product is one of the rare cases where there is little harm in going with the bigger version. This brings me back to something I loved in my original review already: the softness.

ID Slip Super

The reason you can possibly go bigger is the adaptability and extremely cosy overall feel. Not only is the pad soft enough that you won’t mind it going higher up your waist line, but the carrier tissue is just as well. Of course it still looks a bit funny when I wrap it up around my belly, but everything is flexible enough to move nicely. Potentially this also would take care of the single criticism I had with the foil version as well – the short back. At least at home that’s a feasible alternative for the night. It’s unlikely, though, that I’ll start walking around like this during the day, at least not regularly. I may not mind exposing my “fancy underwear”, but it would be impractical, not just when my physical therapist takes care of my lower spine and abdomen and needs to move it out of the way. ;-)

ID Slip Super

The pad itself is beyond reproach. It’s really amazing how long you can wear this diaper – and it isn’t even marketed in the highest absorbency class! For the textile version you might consider a bit more of a conservative approach, though. Naturally, it will sag just that bit more compared to the more tensile foil and while you won’t see any surface moisture, you may not want to stretch the usage time until it gets an all wobbly pack. You’ll notice the odour just that bit more early as well.

ID Slip Super

If my health insurance played ball, I’d probably be using this product all the time, but as it is, it will have to remain for those special occasions when you’re on the road and need protection for a longer duration without your jeans bursting from a swelling pad. The diaper really fits nicely and is very comfortable all round. Since it’s plain white there should also be no issues disguising it under whatever you wear and at the same time avoid ink rubbing off as sometimes happens with printed diapers (and slowly dirties up your protective plastic pants). If you can get it for a good price, it’s definitely worth considering.


One comment on “Diaper Test: ID Slip Super

  1. I’ve nothing against cloth-back, apart from the sag issue :-( For me, this alone is a reason to go with the PE version. I’ve recently switched to the PE-backed Extra version for day time use, where the security of the PE backed diaper, mixed with cloth sides works well – much much quieter than the noisy ID Slip Expert Super. Like the Super, I find the Extra’s capacity is great: no clumping, good wicking and holds far more that one would expect. These are the diapers that make me think I could start wearing 24/7.

    Size-wise, ID’s medium is a bit on the small side for me, but large really is too big. From a performance aspect, medium wins.


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