Diaper Test: Kiddo Diaper

It’s Halloween weekend, so it’s fitting we should discuss a diaper that has owls, stars and the crescent moon printed on. Some people consider owls scary and spooky, some the wise friends of wizards or a general symbol for intelligence. Either way, there’s various ways to interpret this and derive a costume idea from it and if all else fails, dressing yourself up as a toddler and showing your diapered bum in pale moonlight will certainly do just as well, so let’s have a look at the Kiddo Diaper.

Kiddo Diaper

Before we begin, I need to properly thank a nice person who ordered them on my behalf and had them sent directly to my home. This is exactly the kind of support this site needs to keep things interesting and help me out with my limited finances. A big thumbs up to this person and if you’re feeling generous and like to send in stuff and be mentioned here, feel free to get in touch. The product itself is available from several outlets, including its original creator Diaper Minister (Perhaps I should call myself “Pampers Pope” or something like that as well) or Nappies’R’Us. In either case, it should be relatively easy to find some vendor near you or with acceptable shipping rates for mail order.

Kiddo Diaper

As you can see on the pictures, the shapes aren’t actually clouds or something, but quintuple petal flowers as most vector illustration programs can spew them out easily. The placement is however not identical on each example due to the variations of the production process, which may have led people to think of them as puffs of clouds. The dots mostly serve to even out and break up the pattern visually, so you don’t notice the hard edges so much. The owl print is on the extra cover foil only in the front and features a rather bright green, a nice milky blue and some decorative dark cyan elements. As you may also notice, someone had the good instinct to use transparent fixation tapes to not cover up too much of the design.

I only had size M to test and when I pulled the first piece from the package, things began to look somewhat familiar rather quickly. Not only because of the already mentioned extra foil in the front, but also the shape and color of the absorbent pad as well as the overall shape immediately reminded me of the MyDiaper. That is, a lot. I’m not saying that they are the same product, as clearly there’s more than one diaper factory on this planet and specifically in China that would be able to produce a similar diaper, but I bet there’s a good chance that they are somehow related, be that just the factories belonging to the same conglomerate.

Kiddo Diaper

With that info dropped into your lap, you can guess some of the details. The one that stands out most – yes, the product is definitely quite small for us Europeans. If, like me, you are caught halfway between sizes M and L, exhausting the maximums of the smaller one, definitely go with the bigger version. This will also help a lot with putting on the diaper, which is the one thing that I found very frustrating. The process should actually be very simple, since there is only one tape on each side, but as it turns out, it is not.

The difficulties in getting a good fixation arise from several factors. First, of course my own figure being less than perfect. Second, the smallness of the diaper and thus shortness of the side wings requiring to be super exact with placement, which luckily of course can be tweaked thanks to the reinforced foil sticker on the front. Third, and that’s the annoying part, wrinkles galore. It’s physics, you know. Both the foil sticker and the extra wide single tape tend to be victims of semi-rigid folding as soon as you pull on them a bit, meaning the parts that stretch out get just a bit thinner and have tension, allowing other parts to flip over. Trying to keep things flat and max out the adhesive area of the tape can be quite an exercise.

Kiddo Diaper

The absorbency is okay, but I don’t really think you could get anywhere near the 4000 ml ISO advertised on the package, even if I have to admit that I usually don’t push the limit until I have to. This diaper will get you safely through a night, but you should not over-extend its use. This also of course relates to the somewhat loose fit due to the single tapes. There’s not enough tension around the leg seams and the waist line, which adds to the problem of not being able to fill this product up to the brim, as you might call it. You could get creative and fix these issues with some extra tape, though. At least the pad extends far enough sideways in the front and rear, so there is no immediate risk flowing out as long as you haven’t exhausted these limits. And yes, I still do appreciate nice bum coverage, so this is okay by me.

On the whole, this is an interesting diversion and change from your daily diaper, but I’d strictly reserve it for controlled situations with a replacement product always at hand. Admittedly just trying out a single pack and in the not so ideal size to boot might not qualify as an ultimate judgement, but on a personal level I didn’t feel safe enough to venture into more experimental territory. I always expected leakage due to the lack of seal in the overlapping parts. That’s definitely one of the disadvantages of the chosen design. Revising the cut pattern or moving to a more conventional two-tape fixation might improve matters in future production runs, though, and naturally, you may have a much better body than me, so it may work just fine…

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