Diaper Test: Bambino Bellissimo | Classico | Teddy

The more exotic or extravagant a product is, the more it gets your drooling over it regardless of its actual qualities. It quickly turns into this pre-Christmas thing where you want something so bad, it almost makes you explode if you have to wait that day longer. Luckily I’m very restrained in such matters and can patiently wait, but the Bambino diapers have been on my list for a while. Fittingly the holiday season is gaining traction, so this review might just come at the right time for your buying spree, should you feel those inner urges.

Bambino Bellissimo

This pack was once more kindly provided by one of my secret admirers and benefactors and he chose the Bellissimo flavor with the Manga style illustrations on the front sticker that cater to those of us with that infantile streak. The other two variants, Classico and Teddy should not be much different aside from the print and if you’re feeling generous to provide some samples, I’ll gladly snap a few photos and put them up here to satisfy your curiosity.

As you may already have noticed, the packaging is pretty unspectacular, to say the least. That’s not a big issue, but it containing only eight pieces may be. Make no mistake, this is not a product for people too conscious about price. At about 17 Euros per pack that’s more or less pretty much 2 Euros a piece. Prices may of course vary depending on where in the world you live and can be cheaper or even more expensive. In any case, it might be a good idea to do a bit of research to find the cheapest supplier/ reseller.

Bambino Bellissimo

Given the price, the product better be good. So let’s have a look at its technical parameters. As I hinted at in the previous paragraph, this is one of those diapers that use an extra foil sticker in the front and this here is used to provide the individual branding and distinction of the products. I took care to match the colors as closely as I could and they are indeed almost neon or fluorescent like in some cases due to being printed with low density/ opacity and the white foil reflecting a lot of light through.

Naturally, that sticker also serves as the adhesion zone for the sticky tapes which can be repositioned a number of times that way. With this diaper you have to be careful to not overdo it, however. The tapes aren’t that strong to begin with, even though they serve their purpose well, but excessive re-fastening will wear out the glue layer and reduce their strength considerably until they eventually may not hold that well anymore.

Bambino Bellissimo

Managing the number of these cycles is also important since these kinds of diapers tend to be slightly stiff and will require this strength to actually adapt and conform to your body and hold together. This extends beyond the strengthened front “plate” even, since the foil on the rest of the diaper is also very robust and needs a bit of attention and tender care to make the product sit nicely. Don’t let the pictures fool you – on your body it will look a lot smoother. I just find it impossible to coerce it to look the same on my stand-in pillow cushion. ;-)

If you turn your eye to the backside, you recognize easily that the absorbent pad is huge and covers almost the entire area. As someone whose primary problem zone is in the posterior region I do welcome this within the use case this is meant for, meaning as a comfort product for those special moments or as a night-time diaper. For more mundane uses like wearing it under your regular clothes every day it may be a bit too much, though such considerations never really stopped me from doing such crazy things, regardless.

The pad is similarly wide in the front as well and throughout the rest of its body, so there is plenty of capacity to take in liquid. The overall absorption is quite good and in the upper third of my imaginary list of “most absorbent products”. It’s perhaps not as high as a Comficare or BetterDry nor do I think it holds as much as e.g. an ABU Space or Rearz Safari, but it’s definitely close to those products. At any rate, you will safely get through the night with one of those.

Bambino Bellissimo

For this test I had a size M only, so I can’t really compare to how much difference there would be to an L. I found the fit to be quite regular and adhering to standard measurements for an M, so this should also be suitable for most of you that fall into that category.

My only minor peeve is the somewhat short front flap section. It’s essentially not much higher than the colored panel and this doesn’t give you much room to play around with pulling it up a little higher or letting it sit a little lower. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem at all, but the pad being so huge in the rear could have adverse effects by moving things off-center when the material wrapping around your legs from the aft may not compensate for a gap. The particularly wide mid section should make up for some of that, though, and provide enough material to form a tight seam all the way around.

The rest of the features is very much what you would expect for a product of this class. While I wouldn’t call the high price justified in any way (beyond perhaps being the result of higher per unit production cost on low volume runs/ batches), the product feels high-quality enough to rationalize it to oneself on some level if you’re in that mindset. It feels comfortable, stable and gives you the impression that some thought was put into it (or alternatively, it is a surviving product from a better era still being produced on those old machines, if you want to see it that way).

All things considered this isn’t bad at all, but I would strictly reserve it for those special moments where you can really consciously enjoy it or you want to impress someone with a bathroom selfie. ;-) It can make you do *grmpf* noises just because of the price and it would probably be prohibitive to wear it all the time unless you have been a good boy/ girl all year and Santa is bringing you a full load of them… ;-)

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