Silent Night, holy Night…

Since I haven’t lined up any new articles, it’s only proper that I shall make this official and tell you that I’m going to take it easy for the next few weeks just like everyone else. ;-) That doesn’t mean that I’ll be lazy and stay in bed all day, it just means that there won’t be your (almost) weekly review of some incontinence product. Behind the scenes I’m of course working on stuff and try to get things organized, but as it is, some things didn’t pan out in the way I had hoped plus some personal stuff that needed to be taken care of creeped in. That’s why now I’m stuck with a pile of things I never got around to and all those delays. Regardless, I’m pulling strings and hope to bring you as much of the good stuff next year as I did this year. So bear with me and stay tuned while you have yourself a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year! :-)

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