This is not News! ;-)

Hello munchkins, this is just a quick heads-up in case you are wondering why it’s so quiet around here. There are basically three main reasons for this.

One, some unexpected mail came in early this month and I literally spent several hours each day for several days with long-ish write-ups on some matters regarding my status as a handicapped/ disabled/ impaired person and the legalese that comes with it when trying to work your way through “the system” and obtain social benefits.

Two, the aftermath of my father’s passing is still taking its toll and within what we can do, we are supporting my mother. Since she’s still working, yet only a few months away from retirement, things are a bit more complicated and there’s quite some paperwork to take care of. Sometimes you fill out the same papers twice in a short time because something changed as she approaches her time as a pensioner. The occasional household chores and of course just keeping her company and filling in at social gatherings also keep me away from the computer.

Three, and that’s probably the most important part to you, things still haven’t fallen into place regarding some articles I have planned and the materials involved. I’ve been writing lots of mails and bugging people, but alas, some stuff simply hasn’t arrived. Things are looking much better now, though, and I’m hoping that with the beginning of February I can start putting up some new goodies here on the site.

In the meantime you can of course help things along by sending in vouchers for Amazon or your favorite online (incontinence) shops, so I can buy cool things and forge my experiences into articles. Even if you don’t feel like supporting my excentric hobby financially, you can kill some time and provide valuable input by filling out my latest survey.

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