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Diaper Test: ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition

We reviewed the ABU PreSchool as the last product before my extended hiatus, so it seems fitting that we shall pick up where we left off, if only to start slowly into the year. Yes, it’s time to talk ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition. I hinted at this already in the article back then and now I got my hands on the good stuff.

ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition

To make it easy enough to distinguish the two products, the people at ABU have gone through some trouble and designed a new label sticker on the outside, but the patterns on the diapers themselves are pretty much the same as on the breathable product version. The distribution of the designs per package is again semi-random and this time around I ended up with three of the wheel transportation motives as depicted in the images throughout this article.

ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition

In my original article I had hoped that those infantilistic images would appear more colorful on white foil, but as it turns out they do not. As a matter of fact if it wasn’t for some minor differences you notice from up close, you can barely distinguish the two items even from a short distance. Wanna take a stab at guessing which is which? Ready! Set! Go…!

ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition

Did you figure it out? Correct! The breathable one is on the right, the foil on the left. Perhaps the most telling giveaway is the wavy, shrivelled wet skin kind of pattern on the front sticker. The foil version is much smoother since obviously the materials don’t stretch at different rates, which usually causes such patterns. Funny enough you can’t really pin this down to the color of the foil, since it looks oddly dull and the slightly gilded color of the absorbent pad shines through. Further evidence of this can be seen in a picture of the whole shebang unfolded.

ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition

I did this to check the parameters of the product against other ABU diapers and the measurements match their other products in every way. One thing that doesn’t match is the weight and that’s true for both PreSchool versions. They are pretty exactly one fifth lighter (about 160 g vs. 200 g like e.g. a Little Pawz) and as much as I would want to write this off as insignificant, it isn’t really. You just can feel that this particular product must come off some different production line and you will also notice during its practical use. It holds ever so slightly less liquid. Without trying to play Sherlock, this can even be guessed from the placement of the adhesive tapes and their slightly different tone of blue (my crooked attempts at color correcting my cheap camera’s skewed colors notwithstanding). Something is definitely going on here. ;-)

ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition

While I choose to remain so wonderfully neutral in that foil vs. breathable debate, I must say that the foil version is at least an improvement in terms of wearing comfort because it doesn’t stretch as much. Still, I’m slightly baffled by the reduced absorbency and I sure hope it’s not something they will adopt for their other products. Those few extra grams of pulp and super absorber do seem to make quite a difference and I would hate for such a slightly pricey product to lose its edge in terms of quality and offering something over other products.


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