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I have to be honest: I’m a bit disappointed with the activity on my survey and to make it a bit easier for you to get over your inner laziness, I’ve decided to offer some incentive and thanks to the cool people at Diaper Minister, I’m actually able to offer you something pretty juicy. See for yourself:

Survey Contest 1/2017

Yes, no sooner did I write a review and then another package finds its way to my humble abode which I can now happily give away. As it is with all things, even such a tiny contest needs its rules, so please read them carefully.

  • Prizes are only available as depicted, in this case 1 pack of ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition in size M. No substitutes, no money. Therefore be sure you actually want the product and are able to use it or know someone who does.
  • In order to win, the survey must be filled out at least once and a valid e-mail address must be provided. Multiple attempts are allowed, but only if you rate a different product each time. Beyond mere statistics, this will not influence your chances to win.
  • A winner will be drawn at random after the closing deadline and will be contacted via the e-mail address provided for shipping details. The candidate will not be mentioned by name unless he wants to. This is 100% anonymous.
  • The current giveaway ends on March 31st, 2017. All results submitted thereafter are not considered for this one, but may be entitled for future contests. If I can dig up enough support, I’m hoping to keep this ongoing for a while and offer new prizes every now and then.
  • The contest is open to everyone, but shipping of the prize is only free if you are an EU resident. If you live outside the EU, you may still receive the goods, but have to pay all shipping, taxes and customs fees yourself, which may not make it worthwhile. Consider that when you join in.

I hope that covers it. I’ve modified the survey form accordingly, so let the games begin and wear yourself out on the chase for that pack of nice printed diapers. ;-) For exact intentions of the survey and understanding the methodology have a look at this article. And now without further hold-ups:

Take the Absorption Ratings Survey

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