Support is good, is it not? ;-)

Running this site as a one-man-show is quite an exercise even on the best of days, so I’m welcoming every bit of help and support that I can get. I’m glad to report that I’m now getting exactly that from the nice people at Diaper Minister. No, it’s not raining bucks around here, but not only have they made it possible to have our little giveaway, but they also have provided some more stuff which you will see appear in articles around here soon enough. To return the favor I’ve cobbled together sort of a banner and placed it prominently. I hope it’s as unobtrusive as possible (and doesn’t consume too much bandwidth). While I’m not going to call this a promotional post, I’m sure they won’t mind you stopping by and have a look at their offerings, especially when you’re on the hunt for that special colored diaper that is already sold out elsewhere… ;-)

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