Diaper Test: Super Boompa

At long last I’m able to continue our somewhat semi-random pattern of diaper tests after what felt like a never-ending photo safari in my living room (literally hundreds of photos to pick from for upcoming articles). While it’s perhaps nothing earth-shattering, let’s have a look at the Super Boompa.

Super Boompa

The product has been available for like two months only, yet when I peeked at first images of it online, it looked rather familiar. When I finally held it in my hands my suspicions were somewhat confirmed: There’s definitely a diaper factory somewhere in the People’s Republic of China keeping very busy. The overall look and feel is almost identical to the various variations of the MyDiaper (though we only covered a few of them here on this site here and here). Since I haven’t had a look at that other product in a while, this was a chance as good as any to have another spin with it and re-evaluate it.

Super Boompa

Being a graphic designer of sorts I was more than slightly skeptical about the design since in the usual manner of these products it looks slightly unsophisticated and hacked together, but once you actually put on the diaper, it is less obtrusive than it first appears. Still, there’s room for improvement and I’d start with picking different, more harmonious colors and then some… Come to think of it, perhaps someone might tackle the idea of doing a comic-themed diaper and “do it right” for a change?

Things being as they are, the current design has both its Pro and Con. The saturated blue with the white dots is barely noticeable when combined with blue denims *yay*, yet at the same time it constitutes a large surface area with lots of color that can rub off, which of course it does to some extent. In defense, though, it’s nowhere nearly as bad as the first batches of the MyDiaper, so someone took a hint and learned their lesson. Regardless, you may want to set aside a dedicated protective pant that is allowed to get “dirty”. The white one I’m using right now for this shows some interesting magenta-purple-ish hues already.

Super Boompa

In hindsight based on a gut instinct (or pure luck) I got my package in size L, so there aren’t any fit issues. The product still tends to be on the small end of the spectrum with this L actually feeling like the large M sizes you get with some other brands. Of course the same analogy would apply to the size M, which then presumably ends up being a bit too snug for my butt like in the past. ;-)

The absorbent pad appears to be pretty much the same as well. Despite the diaper overall not being the thickest, the volume of liquid it can take in is considerable. I also got the impression that the padding is not as stiff and as compressed as it used to be, being conducive a quicker absorption, which can only be a good thing.

Everything else is as you know it. The extra transparent front panel sticker allows repositioning of your adhesive tapes if you desire or need to do so. It also adds this bit of stiffness that takes a while to get used to when you put on the diaper and may initially make it a bit more difficult.

Super Boompa

Overall this is one of the more tasteful derivations of this particular product and if you’re looking for a bit of variety, this will do nicely. I was also pleasantly surprised by the improvements. They may be minor and merely a byproduct of an optimized production process rather than a conscious thing, but they are no less welcome. Sourcing this product may be a bit difficult and currently I’m only aware that it’s available via our new best friends at Diaper Minister, who also provided the review sample, but you may be able to dig it up at your favorite diaper outlet, after all.

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