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Diaper Test: Kolibri Comslip Premium

It’s been quite a while since I tested the Kolibri Comslip Supra and while I always had plans to follow up with other IGEFA/ Kolibri products, these never really materialized for a number of reasons, which are too boring to go into here. Suffice it to say it got stuck in the pipeline somewhere, but if nothing else I’m persistent and so at long last things have finally come to fruition and I’m able to give you a better picture and present a more complete line-up of the Kolibri Comslip Premium product series.

Kolibri Comslip Premium

Funny enough this article might be fitting in the sense of being current and applicable to some people’s situations because lately I’ve been reading about these products more on forums and it seems they have made even more inroads into the German health system, being now used rather widely in public hospitals. Some of the details have also been tweaked, which offers another good reason to give this a second glance.

As you can see in the picture above, this product line comes in three distinct absorption levels called ultra, special and supra and more or less they all are in the upper third when it comes to their actual absorbency. This of course makes some sort of sense, since you probably wouldn’t bother to spend your money on lower absorption with a premium product.

Kolibri Comslip Premium

The color coding is consequently carried through to the actual product, so you always know what version you hold in your hands. In the picture I just stacked them in the wrong order. ;-) Even the adhesive tapes are synced up so the special I chose for the pictures further down in the article has sort of purple-pink-ish-rose flags and the others green and blue ones, accordingly.

That said, if it wasn’t for the colored prints (or alternatively the manufacturing codes in the center of each diaper), you wouldn’t be able to distinguish the separate levels that easily. There isn’t much in the way of a visually discernible difference in the thickness and even the dry stock weights are not that far apart to provide you with a means of determining which is which just by how heavy they are. Products from other manufacturers are much more distinct in both aspects.

Some of them even go as far as packing a different number of pieces for different levels just to be able to retain the package dimensions. This always brings that weird picture to my head like some elderly lady actually sitting there at the production line and counting the pieces in order to judge how many she can cram in. That is not the case here – you always get 28 pieces per pack.

Now that could indicate some sort of problem like the absorption not being that great, after all, but any such fear can quickly be alleviated. Indeed the products are actually quite good with respect to the way they hold your liquids. Since I don’t normally indulge in things like weighing my used diapers I always struggle to put this into perspective, but judging from my butt sensors, even the ultra appears to be slightly above my usual Attends Slip Regular M9 that I get via prescription.

The special and supra versions scale accordingly, with the latter of course primarily being meant for night-time use. In any case, there is a distinct separation across the levels and it’s something like that the special allows two more fillings than the ultra while the supra allows about two or three times extra pee compared to the special. In other words this translates to roughly 300 ml differences per level, which isn’t all that bad if you consider that a supra almost doubles the effective usage of an ultra.

Kolibri Comslip Premium

While the dry product is quite light and thin, this particular diaper tends to gain considerable volume when it gets filled with liquid. Especially on the “home stretch” when it’s almost full it can bulk up quite a bit. That’s nothing that concerns me too much, but you may want to figure this in into your planning as it can also make your additional protective undergarments (i.e. your plastic pants or whatever you use) feel a lot more snug as the tension from the swelling pad grows.

Strangely enough on the other hand the pad is somewhat narrow. Not so much in the bum section, but in the front. This is somewhat compounded by it not reaching that far up, which at times makes you feel a bit insecure when it comes to potential sideways leakage. It’s not the biggest of issues, it just takes time to get used to when you have been using other products. You have to employ a certain fixation technique, which brings us to another point.

Kolibri Comslip Premium

In my original test I was struggling with the overall softness and elasticity of the product. Feels nice on your skin, but can lead to problematic sagging. This time around I think I’ve figured it out (mostly).

Yes, the real trick is to actually exploit the powers of the stretchy middle sections of the wings. It may look unusual, but you really have to pull everything very taut so the fixation tapes almost meet in the middle. This ensures that the pad is pressed firmly against your body and nothing can ooze out just as it makes sure there is enough friction for the diaper to not slide to the floor. There’s no reason to be afraid anything because the stretchy parts are almost indestructible. It’s more likely that you may rip of the adhesive tapes instead.

Regardless of this I would still recommend wearing something on top to stabilize the whole affair and provide extra protection. Despite considering myself agnostic and neutral in the foil vs. breathable debate, the benefits of some piece of plastic sealing in yucky smells and other things can’t be denied especially for someone like me with bowel incontinence, be that the foil on the diaper itself or some protective underwear.

Kolibri Comslip Premium

Having been outfitted with a generous supply also offered the opportunity to do a size comparison this time. There’s still nothing wrong with my standard size M, but as you know from past articles, I’m one of those people who are kind of halfway in-between sizes and at times benefit from going larger and using size L.

Kolibri Comslip Premium

Doing so is not always easy, since my belly often gets in the way, pushing things down and rolling up the upper seam, but in this case it actually works. Having the diaper sit high up like one of those slimming pants may look odd, but it feels amazingly comfortable, no matter what. To me that is once again a result of the combination of the stretchy zones, the overall very soft nature of the product and the way you have to fit it to your body. Ironically the pad being very narrow is also helpful for this because you can pull up the front section quite high and get a similar tight fit around your intimate parts as if using the smaller size version. On many other products you can’t do that and they form undesirable “pouches” with too much material trying to find its place.

Kolibri Comslip Premium

A minor issue that bugged me with both sizes is the way the wings are attached to the actual middle part. I never quite knew what to do with the “step” and as a result, the overlapping parts just flap around uselessly and I was more than tempted to glue them to my underbelly skin with an adhesive band-aid or something like that. There is just no way to get things fixated in a way that this wouldn’t happen – on my body, anyway. It may of course be a different story if you are a slim person.

Kolibri Comslip Premium

The size L also doubles as sort of a XL, but more recently a genuine XL has also been introduced with even longer wings to wrap around your body.

I also took this opportunity to illustrate the different sizes side by side and perhaps do away with one misconception some people have: As should be rather clearly apparent, larger diapers do not necessarily have larger pads and thus are not a suitable means to boost your absorption volume. All they do is add a few centimeters of length between your legs to accommodate the larger distance from front to back. So unless you place emphasis on that cozy cotton feel reaching up higher on your body, there is almost no point in e.g. using a size L when otherwise a size M fits like a glove.

Kolibri Comslip Premium

Overall I’m still quite pleased with this product and not just because the guys at IGEFA sent me some nice packages for free (Thanks for that!). The product is not perfect, but generally very enjoyable to wear. After a while you almost forget that you are not dressed in regular underwear because it’s so soft. On the other hand this also makes things slightly inconvenient when it gets full and you end up with a rather wobbly, considerably swollen blob in your crotch area. Sometimes a diaper not feeling like a diaper can be a disadvantage, too…


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  1. I’m also part-way between M and L and used to always go for L as thought them better – certainly at night I feel more covered. But relatively recently have tried medium again, mainly as needed something more discrete when wearing when out and about, and discovered that although M feels small, it fits me better and is way better than L in terms of leaks and therefore effectively gives me a higher capacity. (And this was with ID Expert Slip Super, which is a small M compared to some brands!!!!)


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