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No Money here…

Well, since I apparently can’t stay away from running off with my mouth, there was a bit of a fallout over some recent article with Stiftung Warentest. That’s a bit like Consumer Reports or similar to you English-speaking people. The backstory is that in my own charming way and some not so nice words I pointed out some flaws in their recent incontinence-related article and the whole thing being not so great overall. I should have known better, but I commented on it on their site, regardless. They replied, I replied and some other people did as well and as these things do, it spun out of control.

One of the last comments insinuated that I had posted some links in the comments only to rake in some cash (when I actually did it since their comment system doesn’t allow to re-edit and correct posts and laying out my thoughts on my own blog seemed easier), so I feel compelled to spell it out clearly once more: This site here doesn’t make me any money. In fact the opposite is true – it costs money.

Aside from occasional free product samples I get from vendors and manufacturers, there’s no business in publishing diaper tests and similar for free on this site. You don’t even want to know how long it sometimes takes to set these things up and how many e-mails you have to write before such a package arrives. If I get things for free, of course I tell you about it in the articles, but as you know, I try to not let it influence my ratings. Even some freebies I got didn’t score that well.

Why am I telling you all this? Some people really seem to think you get terribly rich running a small blog. That’s why consequently I have deleted all my comments on the Warentest pages, since they contained links to this blog for the aforementioned reasons. God forbid I make something like 0.03 Euro Cent on other people’s backs! Yupp, that’s pretty much the amount you get for clicking on a YouTube video. Accordingly, it’s easy to imagine the endless rows of shiny Porsches and Ferraris I see when looking out of the kitchen window of my small flat in this 30-year-old concrete block building… ;-)


One comment on “No Money here…

  1. i feel your annoyance. i made a comment once and was made to feel as if I was just on the take aa i said i would have tested them for free, and wad accused of being a sponger.
    also not forgot you for samples but lost the addy.



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