Diaper Update: ABU and Bambino in Size L

When I received my package from Diaper Minister containing that nice pack of ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition that you still can win by participating in our little survey activity based raffle, it was stuffed and padded with some other nice things and some of those were single examples of diapers we already had reviewed in some form or the other, but this time in size L. This not only offered the opportunity to snap some shots, but of course also to gauge and grade the products. So here we go.

ABU Space

The ABU Space remains one of those colored diapers that I’d gladly stockpile if I had the money for it. The color is nice and unobtrusive, almost camouflage-like under blue denims, as a sci-fi nerd the spacey theme is right up my alley and of course the excellent absorbent pad and nice feel make this a nice choice. The size M in my original review fits perfectly, so there’s not much reason to go with the L.

Test fitting the single sample I had confirmed this. It’s quite large and in fact so big that it goes up way too high on my body and then my belly gets in the way. This wouldn’t be much of a problem on its own, but it also makes the lower adhesive tapes end up rather high. As a result I didn’t get a really tight fit and ultimately it doesn’t feel comfortable. It’s like a paper shopping bag wrapped around your hips rather loosely. One just doesn’t feel safe actually using the nappy for its intended purpose.

ABU Cushies v2

Moving on to the ABU Cushies v2 a slightly different picture is forming. Since it has only single fixation tapes and a slightly more triangular overall shape it ends up being more suitable for “oversize” use. In fact one could call the situation being reversed here compared to the Space. While size M tended to feel small-ish and I didn’t like the leg areas cracking open, with a size L this isn’t much of a problem.

At least in my case the “belt” region formed by the single tapes ends up in the right place on my waist line and feels comfortable. Because the legs are more open from the get-go you don’t notice it so much in a negative sense. Most of all, however, the larger size gives you the freedom to find a good balance between the front and back section before you seal up the diaper, which no doubt is the most important aspect of a good fit.

ABU Lavender

The ABU Lavender shares the shape with the Cushies and hence what was said before also applies here. The graphics artist in me has long wanted to get his hands on this product and indeed upon inspecting the design I can only say that it’s super nice. It’s subtle, yet colorful and has not too many crazy pattern elements to make the diaper look too sissified or overflowing. Perfectly wearable even for the male part of the population.

As an additional feature (or gimmick if you will) this one comes with a spritz of lavender perfume. Unfortunately it’s a synthetic scent and therefore has a rather pungent odour. Due to my lung illness and being hyper-sensitive to that sort of thing I had to cough quite a bit when dealing with the product even after I let it “breathe” openly for a while. This is something you may want to keep in mind.

ABU Lavender

So to summarize things briefly: In ABU-land the single tape diapers like Cushies can be a viable option in size L if you are similar in stature to me (about 1.80 meters tall, slight tummy) when the M isn’t working out. On the other hand in this situation you should stick with M for the conventional products with two adhesive tapes.

ABU Lavender

Last on the menu is the Bambino, this time in its Classico guise with the printed sticker literally spelling it out for you. ;-) When I first tested this product I was mostly satisfied with it except for the somewhat short front flap. This is naturally not an issue this time.

Bambino Classico and Bellisimo

Since the overall ratio in relation to standard measurements and clothing sizes isn’t excessive to begin with, this scales up nicely. For me therefore the L is the better option of the two despite my tummy. The more generous spread of the wings also makes overall fitting a lot easier since you don’t have to fiddle as much to keep thing centered, though of course this will become an issue again for larger people.

Bambino Classico

A slight disadvantage of the Bambino diapers is the rather wide middle section of the pad that goes through your legs. This is even bigger here compared to size M, which can be problematic and may lead to some pouching as I was explaining in my recent article on the Kolibri Comslip Premium (somewhere halfway down the page where the size comparison starts). That’s okay for nighttime use, but not so ideal during the day when you move about.

Bambino Classico Bambino Classico

Beyond that there isn’t really much more to say, so let me bring this to a close by once more thanking our friends at Diaper Minister. If you have own experiences with these products, consider sharing them by filling out the survey or commenting here. Thanks!

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