Hartmann goes Shopping

The world of incontinence products is constantly moving, as some old-timers will be quick to confirm. The Tena brand alone must have changed owners several times back in the early 1990s. Hartman are not new to the game, either, having gobbled up Vlesia and a few other companies in its time. Therefore it comes as little surprise that a bit of reshuffling is going on again and Hartmann is going to acquire Lindor of Spain from its current owner P&G (that Procter & Gamble to you before shortening company names became fashionable).

I’ve never been to Spain since I’m not that much into sizzling in the sun (I only missed out on some business travel to Barcelona by an inch a few years ago, though), so I admit I don’t have the slightest clue whether those products are actually any good or relevant. If you read this and have something to say about it, feel free to comment or send in a pack for testing. In fact when I first read the name it reminded me of Lindt‘s chocolate cream brand of same name more than anything else, which isn’t really my kind of thing, even though my grandma keeps buying it for Christmas presies. Too sweet, too milky-creamy for my taste buds, but don’t tell her. *sssh* ;-)

Anyway, what does this mean? For the time being probably not much. These kinds of things happen all the time and this one is clearly mostly about market access, raising company visibility and brand awareness in local markets. In the long run the Lindor products might get re-branded or replaced with MoliCare names and the like, but who’s to say? I’d bet even Hartmann haven’t figured that one out yet. You can read the full press release in all its prosaic beauty on their website, which sadly is slow as a boar plowing his nose through mud, so be patient…

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