Diaper Accessories: The big Onesie Shootout – Part 1 – Introduction

One of the things that have long been on my mind is that I always wanted to do some more in-depth articles on special care clothing, more specifically diaper onesies/ diaper bodies. I shared some thoughts on this quite a time ago in my introductory article series and after collecting experiences this long-gestating project is now about ripe to see the light of day. In the weeks and months to come I will therefore try to give you the skinny on products from different vendors, interspersed with our usual other articles. So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

Diaper Onesies

What are Onesies good for?

The reasons why you might want to or even should be wearing onesies or similar careware are numerous and naturally not all of them apply to everyone. I’m gonna run down some of them that are important to me and let you take a pick. If you have additional thoughts, you can always share them in the comments.

  • Onesies are cosy. This of course is an utterly subjective assessment, but I’m of the opinion that if you are wearing diapers, you might as well make yourself as comfortable as you possibly can. This is even more the case if you are wearing for medical reasons and not just for fun.
  • Onesies fix certain issues (associated with wearing diapers). I wrote about this in my old article already, but one of the key benefits of using a onesie at night is losing that feeling of nakedness and a drafty breeze around my waistline. This is of course caused by the temperature differences between the bare skin areas vs. the thermally “insulated” regions covered by the diaper. I find that having a onesie on provides a means of “easing in” in the transition zone and makes for a more pleasant experience.
  • Onesies are for diaper fixation. As you will find out, this is a bit of an ambiguous matter and the degree with which this is achieved certainly varies a lot, but quite generally this is one of the original ideas behind this kind of special apparel. In particular at night this can be handy when you may not want to wear additional fixation/ protective pants. Even if that isn’t an issue, a onesie can be useful simply because it absorbs some of the torque and shear forces when you roll around in your bed, preventing the diaper from being mangled too much or moving out of place.
  • Onesies keep stuff in. This is not per se one of the intended functions, yet having a onesie hold your diaper package has the added advantage of also sealing in smells to some extent. The fumes are held close to your body and will only seep out through the pores of the textile after they have weakened. In a crunch, the cloth may also save your behind when your diaper starts leaking as it also absorbs some of the liquid. It’s arguably easier to just wash your onesie than having to change your sheets and blankets every second day.
  • Onesies can replace your daily T-shirt. Depending on what style of fashion you prefer this is of course debatable, but to me it doesn’t really make much of a difference. A good quality Tee costs just as much as your average onesie, so I’m liberally using the latter as a substitute for the other when the opportunity presents itself. The limiting factor then really only becomes your purse and the available patterns and colors.

As you can see, there’s quite some good reasons to wear onesies and by extension other medical care attire, though in the end it remains a matter of personal preference and how deep you are in the diaper mindset. As someone wearing protection around the clock at this point it’s naturally more easy to adapt to this and get over some inner reservations than if you are an occasional user. No shame in admitting that. After all, some of my experiences are informed by and have come about only because I have to wear diapers, so I might as well share my thoughts and perhaps prevent you from making costly wrong purchases.

What’s the fuss all about and what are the caveats?

Similar to diapers themselves, onesies are no exception in that everyone seems to have their own interpretation and opinion on what’s best. Ultimately that’s the thing that compelled me to even begin this major undertaking and it is nicely illustrated by the image below.

Diaper Onesies

Yes, everyone has their own version of pink and different vendors use different cut patterns, resulting in a veritable mess of different fits, different handling and often completely wrong size assignments. At times this makes buying a new onesie a rather nerve-wrecking venture, mostly for the fact that you have to dip into it blindly. Unlike going out and trying on your new blue jeans (which in itself can already be an aggravating process when spend hours in different shops) you mostly have to rely on ordering this sort of thing online and you have little chance to judge the fit before the package arrives.

I’m hoping my little series will make this a bit less confusing and much more straightforward, so check back as we progress. As usual, there are still things moving behind the scenes and I’m trying to get my hands on as many different products as I possibly can, but if you feel you want to contribute and make things easier, feel free to get in touch. At the moment a sizable OnesiesDownunder gift card (or in fact several) would make me very happy, but there surely is plenty of good stuff to be had on Amazon and elsewhere as well. ;-)

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